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The Word/Void series is a trilogy of dark, urban fantasy novels primarily set in Illinois in the late 20th and early 21st century. The series focuses on John Ross and Nest Freemark, forced acquaintances who use magic given to them from the Word (the embodiment of good in the world) to prevent mankind from being overcome by the demonic forces of the Void.

The Genesis of Shannara trilogy retroactively bridges the Word/Void series with the Shannara novels.


Running with the Demon

The first novel introduces Nest Freemark and John Ross and details how they save the town of Hopewell, Illinois, from a Demon's plot.

A Knight of the Word

The second novel concerns John's fall from his faith and Nest's quest to restore it.

Angel Fire East

In the final novel, John and Nest unravel the secret of a magical creation called a "gypsy morph," which has the potential to turn the tide in the battle against the Void.