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The Wilderun is a large section of wilderness in the Westland. The valley of the Wilderun lies completely within the curves of the Rock Spur and Irrybis mountain ranges. Within the Wilderun are lowlands, swamps, wetlands, and ridges.

The only large, settled community within the Wilderun is the village of Grimpen Ward. The Murk Sink, a region of swamps and wetlands, lies to the south of the town and used to be the home of Melis, the Murk Witch. In the center of the valley lies the Hollows where the witch sisters Morag and Mallenroh once lived. Centuries later, the Morgawr and the Ilse Witch lived there as well.

One of the Wilderun's most distinctive features is Spire's Reach, a solitary mountain at the center of the Hollows. Within Spire's Reach lies the tunnels of Safehold, which houses the ancient magic of the Bloodfire that the Elves rely on to restore the Ellcrys.

Changes Made for the TV Adaptation[]

In The Shannara Chronicles, the Wilderun is located where the San Francisco Bay Area used to be, with an old freeway sign for San Francisco and Oakland pointing the way to Safehold.