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"Utopia" is the eighth episode of The Shannara Chronicles.


Ander deals with the death of his father and brother, while Wil and Amberle come upon a settlement of Humans called Utopia during their search for Eretria.


Allanon wants Bandon to train and become the next Druid. When Bandon refuses, Allanon insists, saying that with the coming onslaught of Demons, Bandon no longer has a choice in the matter.

Faced with the prospect of being King of the Elves after the deaths of his father and brother, Ander takes solace in alcohol. Despite harsh words from Allanon he plans to abdicate the throne to Kael Pindanon at his family's funeral. However, he changes his mind at the funeral and decides to take up the crown, vowing to fight for the Elves and the Four Lands.

Eretria and the map to Safehold are purchased from the Elf Hunters by a human called Tye. Eretria discovers that Tye's settlement, called Utopia, consists of people who aim to preserve and recover the ways of humans before the Great Wars. The people of Utopia own guns, movie projectors, and other objects from humanity's past. Hebel, a man with a damaged face, warns Eretria not to trust Tye.

Wil and Amberle rescue Cephelo from a trap set by Trolls after he promises to take them to where Eretria is. He flees after they arrive at the village, stealing Wil's pouch of Elfstones.

Wil and Amberle enter Utopia in an attempt to free Eretria, but are met with resistance when Eretria reveals she no longer wishes to be ordered about by either of them. When the residents of Utopia find out that Wil and Amberle have Elven blood, they are tied to stakes along with Cephelo, who had also been caught, to be sacrificed to nearby Trolls. Cephelo tries to bargain his way out by offering the Elfstones, but Wil had anticipated him and replaced the Elfstones with blue gaming dice that Amberle had found in the ruins of an ancient school.

Eretria frees the captives after shooting a Troll who was about to kill Wil. The killing of the Troll esssentially breaks the peace agreement between Utopia and the Trolls, and a firefight ensues. When Cephelo is mortally wounded, he takes Eretria's pistol and goes down fighting against the Trolls, buys Wil, Amberle, and Eretria time to escape. The episode ends with Wil, Amberle and Eretria coming out of a forest to look upon the ruins of San Francisco, where Safehold is to be found.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Episode Cast

  • Josh McKenzie as Tye
  • Zoe Robins as Zora
  • Simon Ward as Hebel