The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara is a trilogy by Terry Brooks set 130 years after The Heritage of Shannara tetralogy. Similar to its predecessor, this is one cohesive story following the happenings of Bek Rowe, Walker Boh, and Grianne Ohmsford, among other characters.


  1. Ilse Witch
  2. Antrax
  3. Morgawr


Walker Boh, still attempting to form a new Druid Council, sets out on a voyage to find knowledge of the old world in a faraway land. Accompanying Walker is a varied group of Elves, a Dwarf, a shapeshifter, a seer, and the two most powerful beings on the expedition after Walker: Quentin Leah and Bek Rowe. Pursuing them is the Ilse Witch, a sorceress who is actually Bek's lost sister Grianne, and her evil mentor, the Mwellret/human hybrid known as the Morgawr. However, a dangerous foe also awaits the company in the land of Parkasia: Antrax, a machine that feeds upon magical energy. After countless dangers, the company returns to the Four Lands sadly reduced: Walker, Ryer Ord Star, and the shape-shifter Truls Rohk are dead as are all the Elves except for Ahren Elessedil, while the Dwarf Panax has decided to stay in Parkasia. There is hope, though: Grianne has been redeemed, and has taken Walker's place as the last Druid of the Four Lands.

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