The Talismans of Shannara is the fourth book of The Heritage of Shannara tetralogy written by Terry Brooks.

Plot Summary

The Elves are home. Paranor is returned to the mortal world. Walker has inherited Allanon's powers. The Sword of Shannara has been found. Yet the Shadowen remain. Coll Ohmsford is alive, and he learns that the Sword is really meant for him, which is why Par could never use it. Meanwhile, Rimmer Dall and his Shadowen are using their Federation pawns to wipe out the Elves upon their return. As the Elves and the Free-born battle the Federation, Walker, Par, Coll, Damson Rhee, Matty Roh, and Morgan Leah journey into Southwatch, the Shadowen stronghold, from where they have been draining the earth's magic. They defeat Rimmer Dall and escape just before Southwatch crumbles to the ground. The characters go their separate ways, some to continue the fight, some to their homes, and in Walker's case to Paranor for the Druid sleep.

Main Characters

Minor Characters