• This page refers to the fantasy novel. For the magical talisman, see Black Elfstone.

The Black Elfstone is the first book in Terry Brooks' tetralogy The Fall of Shannara. The events chronicled in these four books take place after the events of The Defenders of Shannara trilogy, and the tetralogy is explicitly meant to be the chronological “end” of the Shannara storyline. However, Brooks has not ruled out writing future Shannara novels that take place earlier in the timeline.

The Black Elfstone was published on June 13, 2017.


Across the Four Lands, peace has reigned for generations. But now, in the far north, an unknown enemy is massing. More troubling than the carnage is the strange and wondrous power wielded by the attackers—a breed of magic unfamiliar even to the Druid Order. Fearing the worst, the Ard Rhys dispatches a diplomatic party under the protection of the order’s sworn guardian, Dar Leah, to confront the mysterious, encroaching force and discover its purpose.

But another crucial journey is being undertaken. Exiled onetime High Druid Drisker Arc has been living in quiet seclusion, far from the politics and power struggles of his former life, until two brutal attacks by would-be assassins force him to seek out an infamous murder-for-hire guild—and find the hidden enemy who has marked him for death. At his side is Tarsha Kaynin, a young woman gifted with the wishsong and eager to be schooled in its formidable power by a master. She, too, is pursuing a mission: to locate her wayward brother, whose own magic has driven him to deadly madness and kindled his desire for vengeance... against his own sister.

In their darkest hours, facing dangerous adversaries, the lives and quests of Dar Leah, Drisker Arc, and Tarsha Kaynin will be inextricably drawn together. And the challenges each confronts will have resounding consequences for the future of the Four Lands.


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