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Tessa is the girl that Hawk is desperately in love with. At first she lives in the Safeco Compound refusing to leave her parents. She meets with Hawk weekly, introducing him to Owl soon after he arrives in Seattle. She is forced to leave the compound with Hawk after being caught stealing. They journey together in Hawk's quest for a safe place for his family.


Tessa is described as:

She was small and dark, her skin a light chocolate in color, her hair raven black and close-cropped in a silky helmet...Her eyes were large and wide with surprise, as if everything she was seeing she was new and incredibly exciting. She exuded energy and life in a way that no one else could... She had an enthusiasm that was infectious.

-- Armageddon's Children (2006), pp. 91-92

Towards Hawk she is described as:

She was always like this, desperate to be with him, convinced he wouldn't appear. She loved him so much it frightened him, yet it made him feel empowered.

-- Armageddon's Children (2006), pp. 91


[hide]*1 Description

Origin and History

Tessa is born in Safeco Field Compound, as an only child to two parents whom were powerful figures in the compound hierarchy.[2] More than a year prior to the story Tessa's mother's hand had been crushed by stone blocks in the compound kitchen when a wall had collapsed during an earthquake. Her mother was never the same after the accident feeling without purpose. Tessa felt very loyal and obligated to helping her mother, feeling that if she ever left the compound to be with Hawk that her mother would not survive that.[3]

Genesis of Shannara

Tessa appears in all three novels of the Genesis series supporting Hawk on his journey.

Armageddon's Children

By the time Armageddon's Children begins, Tessa's relationship with Hawk had been discovered by members of the compound, and her parents had forbidden her from seeing him again. But Tessa defied this order, sneaking out of the compound at designated times so she could be with Hawk. During these meetings, Tessa and Hawk would often discuss their opposing views of how their relationship should go on in the future: Hawk wanted Tessa to come live with him and his tribe of street kids, which Tessa refused to do because she worried that her mother would be further shaken. Tessa wanted Hawk to officially marry her and come to the compound, but Hawk refused to leave the other street kids and also knew that the compound's other residents wouldn't accept him.

During a meting, Hawk asked Tessa if she could get her hands on some medication so he could help a street-girl from another tribe who was sick. Tessa agreed and stole the medication from the compound's stores. Unfortunately, someone saw her steal the medication and she and Hawk were later captured and put on trial. The court tried to immediately sentence them to be thrown off the compound's walls (the punishment for stealing), but Tessa claimed that she and Hawk were married (which could afford them some protection) and that she was pregnant with his child (which caused outrage from those witnessing the trial). But when Tessa asked for her mother to come to speak for them, her mother only raged at her for her actions. Angry that Tessa had continued to see Hawk, that she was suppossedly pregnant, and selfishly saying Tessa had ensured her personal demise by abandoning her and making her useless to the compound (Tessa' father had apparntly been killed on a hunting expedition and since she was crippled, her mother would be banished from the compound), her mother refused to defend Tessa and Hawk, resulting in the couple's sentencing to be thrown from the walls later that night.

At dusk, Tessa and Hak were dragged to the roof of the compound. By this time, Hawk had been found by a man named Logan Tom (a knight of the Word) who had shown him he was really a gypsy morph. Realizing there was no hope for escape, Hawk and Tessa formally married by reciting the proper vows. Soon after, they were siezed and thrown off the compound, where they disappeared into thin air because of a mysterious flash of light.

The Elves of Cintra

Tessa and Hawk had been saved by the King of the Silver River, a fairie creature and a servant of the Word. While Tessa slept in his domain, the fairie creature told Hawk about his destiny to protect the remnants of humanity.

Tessa and Hawk were later turned up on the banks of a river, and set out to reunite with Hawk's family of street kids.

The Gypsy Morph

Tessa and Hawk managed to locate the street kids and Logan Tom. During the reunion, Tessa revealed that she was indeed pregnant with Hawk's child.

Later, when their group had been joined by many more refugees, Tessa was lured away from the convoy by what she thought was Hawk. In reality, it was a demon called the Klee, who had been sent by Findo Gask to kill Hawk before he cold complete his destiny. The real Hawk went after her and caught up with her right as the Klee revealed itself. Fortunately, help came in the form of Hawk's family of street kids and Angel Perez (another knight of the Word), who destroyed the Klee.

After the refugees had a final batle with Findo Gask's armies, Hawk managed to lead them to a hidden valley that would be able to support them and their descendants for generations. But soon after they were getting settled in, Hawk left and sealed the valley by transforming into a barrier of mist that protected the refugees from a final nuclear bombardment. Tessa thought that she would never see her husband again.

But Hawk emerged from the mist (according to Brooks, it was a ffew days later), and returned to his old life. Tessa suppossedly lived out the rest of her life with Hawk, their child and Hawk's family of former street kids.