Terek Molt is a character in Jarka Ruus. He was a Dwarf, a warrior Druid, and a co-conspirator with Shadea a'Ru in the effort to overthrow their Ard Rhys Grianne Ohmsford by trapping her inside the Forbidding.


Like Shadea a'Ru, Terek Molt's motivations for wanting Grianne Ohmsford gone is simply to claim more power for themselves. This puts them in contrast with their other co-conspirators Iridia Eleri and Traunt Rowan, both of whom have personal reasons for hating the Ard Rhys.

After Grianne is banished to the Forbidding, Terek Molt is sent to bring Bek Ohmsford and his family to Paranor under false pretenses so that the mutinous Druids can imprison them and prevent them from looking for the Ard Rhys. However, Bek and his wife Rue Meridian are away from home when the Druid arrives, and their son Pen Ohmsford manages to escape with Tagwen, Grianne's personal assistant.

Terek Molt is then sent along with Aphasia Wye to hunt down and kill Pen and his companions. He pursues Pen, Tagwen, Ahren Elessedil, and Khyber Elessedil far into the Northland, catching up to them at the Lazareen.

While Ahren commanded magic, he was no match for Terek, who was trained as a warrior Druid. However, Ahren notices that Terek has joined himself to his airship by using his magic to create a defensive shield around the ship. In a one-on-one confrontation, Ahren strikes Terek hard with his magic, and when he is about to be overpowered he instructs Khyber to use the Elfstones against the magic shielding the airship. Khyber destroys the defensive magic, killing Terek Molt along with it, but not before Terek manages to land a fatal blow on Ahren. Ahren passes away shortly after the battle.

Physical Appearance

Terek is described as being powerfully built, as befits a warrior Druid, and being tall for a Dwarf at almost five feet tall.

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