* This article is about the second novel of the High Druid of Shannara trilogy. For the magical being from the Age of Faerie, see Tanequil (tree).

Tanequil is a fantasy novel in the High Druid of Shannara trilogy by Terry Brooks. First published in 2004, the book takes place immediately after the events of Jarka Ruus and is followed by the novel Straken.

Plot Summary

Pen Ohmsford, Khyber Elessedil, and company rescue Cinnaminson and continue their journey north, pursued continuously by traitorous Druids and the assassin Aphasia Wye. Pen's parents, Bek and Rue, attempt to locate him by using the magical scrye waters in the depths of Paranor, but are captured and unwillingly give Pen's position away. Pen and his friends find allies among the Trolls who serve as the Druid Guard, led by Kermadec and his semi-estranged brother Atalan, who aid them in locating the mystical Tanequil tree on a ravine-surrounded island. From the tanequil, Pen receives the enchanted wooden "darkwand," a talisman that can aid him in saving his aunt. However, two of his fingers, as well as Cinnaminson, are taken in exchange. Pen and Aphasia meet in one last confrontation in which the assassin is killed by the Tanequil, but as Pen leaves the island, he finds the rest of his party taken hostage by the enemy Druid traitors.

Meanwhile, the corrupt Federation army has unleashed a devastating new airship-mounted weapon in their war against the Elven and Free-born armies. A shape-shifting Demon called the Moric, has crossed over into the Four Lands from the Forbidding in exchange for Grianne Ohmsford's banishment. This creature, who has taken the form of a Druid advisor to the Federation leader, is intent on using the weapon to destroy the Ellcrys in Arborlon, which would allow the Demon hordes from the Forbidding to flood into the Four Lands.

Finally, caged inside a Demon stronghold in the Forbidding, Grianne discovers the Straken Lord's master plan to have the Ellcrys destroyed, and how he manipulated Grianne's nemesis Shadea a'Ru to advance towards this goal. When Grianne is pitted in a contest against a horde of demonic Furies, she is forced to take a Demon-like form in a desperate attempt to survive. She then finds herself trapped in this form because of an enchanted collar, and her only hope for survival lies in the Straken Lord's former minion, Weka Dart.


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