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New Materials for Front Page

Since the front page is locked and can't be edited, I thought I'd note these things here.

Book three of the Genesis of Shannara Trilogy is indeed The Gypsy Morph so this needs to have the "working title" tag removed. Also there are two Terry Brooks' Shannara works missing from the Series as listed, both are Epilouges to Wishsong of Shannara. The first is the Novella, Indomitable which describes the tale of Jair's effort to destroy a page of the Ildatch that managed to escape the destruction of the book, then drew a number of Mwellret acolytes to itself. The second follows on from this tale and is the graphic novel Dark Wraith of Shannara. In this work the surviving Mwellrets gather with the Croton Witch and kidnap Kimber Boh and Cogline in an attempt to force Cogline to return Pandor to the world of men so that they can take its secrets for themselves. Jair is called on by Allanon to rescue them and after reuniting with Slanter, they go after the Mwellrets and witch to rescue Cogline and save the four lands once more. These really need to be added into the main page as part of the series so all the works are there, not just the novels.


Indomitable [1] Dark Wraith of Shannara [[2]]

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I've reduced the protection so that it can be edited again. Angela@fandom (talk) 03:00, December 18, 2009 (UTC)