Storlock is a small village on the northeastern end of the Rabb Plains, on the way to the Pass of Jade. It is home to the Stors, a group of Gnome Healers whose legendary abilities make them the best Healers in the Four Lands.


Storlock almost fell to the Northland army during the Second War of the Races when a roving Rock Troll platoon appeared at its gates. The Trolls were driven away by the magic of Mareth, an apprentice of the Druid Bremen.

Throughout history, the Stors have played an important role in aiding those who shaped the destiny of the Four Lands. For instance, they saved Flick and Shea Ohmsford after the two Valemen were severely poisoned in the Wolfsktaag Mountains. Decades later, they healed Allanon after he had a near-fatal run-in with Demons.

The Stors

Stors wear white robes and are usually silent around outsiders to their order. Wil Ohmsford is thought to be the first person who was not a Gnome to study the healing arts under the Stors.

Unlike most Gnomes who are warlike and territorial, the Stors are traditionally committed to a path of benevolent neutrality, though they often seem to maintain quiet alliances with certain powerful individuals such as the Druids Cogline and Allanon. Their neutrality helps to shield them from facing conflict.

According to The World of Shannara, the Stors are an order formed by a Druid in the First Council of Paranor who was committed to the arts of healing. The order is named after this founding figure.

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