Sparrow is a member of the street kids family, the Ghosts. A scrappy little fighter that often gets into verbal sparring matches with Panther.

...lanky body, big hands, mop of straw-colored hair, crooked smile, and fierce blue eyes that could pin you to the wall when they were angry. She even walked like her mother, a sort of saunter that suggested great confidence and a willingness to act.

-- Armageddon's Children (2006), pp. 271-272

Race: Human
Gender: Female
Hair color: Straw colored
Eye color: Blue
Loyalty: Ghosts
First appearance: Armageddon's Children
Death: Unknown

Origin and History

By the time Sparrow was five years old she knew she was expected to grow up like her mother. Sparrow did not know who her father was and idolized her mother, though many did. her mother was a legend being a furious fighter and a canny leader. Her mother was a warrior, and promised to pass on that knowledge to her daughter. Which she did, training Sparrow to attack and defend working her until she was ready to drop. She trained every day her mother was there, and practiced by herself when she was gone, determined to be the best and make her mother proud.

Together, with others, they lived high in the mountains in a fortified camp that her mother had established years before Sparrow had been born. From here her mother lead raids on the slave camps and the slavers that terrorized everyone. Her mother believed in freedom and independence; and placed her trust in speed and mobility. Though the camp was in an ideal defensive location that was not known, in time it's location was compromised by one within that was jealous and gave away the secret to their hid out to those who were resentful of their success and would have them destroyed.

Sparrow awoke at night to the sounds of weapons fire, and then her mother was beside her and snatched her up. Her mother carried her through the camp with a word, past all the death and dying. Soon they where in the darkness and her mother set her down, telling her to follow closely, but she needed her hands free to use her weapons. They raced across and open stretch of ground, with both her and her mother getting hit, but making it across. They make it to the trees and ran deep into them. Eventually her mother looked back and saw that Sparrow had been injured, when she turned to help her, Sparrow saw blood across the whole front of her mother's shirt. To which her mother said nothing is wrong.

They climbed high into the mountains, and soon could see the fiery dot that was the camp. Sparrow knew what was happening to everyone she had known and all she had known. And hour or two before dawn, after they had made it through the mountain pass, her mother allowed them to stop. She had Sparrow change clothes. Then told her that after they rested they would walk west to the ocean and gave her a flechette handgun. Laying down to rest, when Sparrow awoke her mother was dead.[1] Sparrow was only eight years old.

She walked west and made it to the ocean, and the city of Seattle. There she was found by the Ghosts and joined their family.

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