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Shannara Wiki - Exploring the Magical World of Shannara

The following is a timeline outlining all the main events that have taken place in the world of Shannara. The beginning of the timeline uses actual dates and covers the events of the Word/Void books, leading up to Year 0. In this timeline, Year 0 is when the apocalypse that shaped the world into the Four Lands takes place. After the apocalypse, events are dated by the number of years after Year 0.

A note on the placement of the Word/Void books and Armageddon's Children: Nest Freemark's birthday is revealed in Armageddon's Children, providing a way to date her encounters with John Ross. Also, it is articulated that Armageddon's Children takes place eighty years after Angel Fire East. However, there is room for differing interpretations because the world had been falling apart for thirty years prior to the start of the Great Wars in Armageddon's Children. Instead of assuming that Galaphile formed the first Druid Council a thousand years after the beginning of the Great Wars, the timeline below assumes that he did so a thousand years after the events that take place in the Genesis of Shannara trilogy, since the world had yet to reshape into the Four Lands and the true armageddon was yet to come.

A note on the second Druid Council: The World of Shannara places it at roughly sixty years after the Second War of the Races and says that it was led by Allanon. The timeline below is written to conform to The World of Shannara. However, the second Druid Council was actually formed well before the events of First King of Shannara.

Year Event
07/1997 A.D. The events of Running with the Demon take place.
10/2002 A.D. The events of A Knight of the Word take place.
12/2012 A.D. The events of Angel Fire East take place.
2062 A.D. The Great Wars begin.
Fall 2092 A.D./Year 0 The events of Genesis of Shannara and the final apocalypse take place.
500 The events of Legends of Shannara take place
1000 The first Druid Council, led by Galaphile, is established.
1150 The First War of the Races takes place.
1500 The Second War of the Races and the events of First King of Shannara take place.
1560 The second Druid Council, led by Allanon, is established. However, this council does not last for long.
2000 The Third War of the Races and the events of The Sword of Shannara take place.
2050 The War of the Forbidding and the events of The Elfstones of Shannara take place.
2070 The events of The Wishsong of Shannara take place. The Ildatch is destroyed.
2170 Everything south of Callahorn becomes Federation-governed. The Kingdom of Leah is overthrown. Rumors of the Shadowen begin to surface.
2270 The Sword of Shannara and the Elves disappear. The Federation declares war on the Dwarves, conquers them, and enslaves them. Southwatch is built.
2370 The War of the Shadowen and the events of The Heritage of Shannara] take place.
2470 Kael Elessedil leaves for Castledown. The Federation-Free-Born War begins.
2500 The events of The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara take place.
2520 The third Druid Council, led by Grianne Ohmsford, is established. The events of High Druid of Shannara take place. The Federation-Free-Born War finally ends.
2620 The events of The Dark Legacy of Shannara take place.
~2745 The events of The High Druid's Blade take place. Paxon Leah is named as the first High Druid's Blade.
~2750 The events of The Darkling Child take place.
~2751 The events of The Sorcerer's Daughter take place