This is a list of creatures appearing in the Shannara series of novels by Terry Brooks.

The Races


The Men, who live primarily in the Southland, are the primary race of the Shannara novels. Men are descended from some of the lucky humans that did not alter or mutate from the effects of the Great Wars, due to living within the sheltered Southland. The Race of Man was brought out of a tribal and warlike existence by the First Council of Paranor, of which they played an important role in forming. The Druid Council granted the Race of Man sovereign rulership over the Southland. The rebel Druid Brona incited a violent separatist uprising in the Southland, that soon encompassed and united the full might of Man. This army attacked Paranor, but was repulsed and broken by the Druids and the combined might of the other Races. Descendants of Men who opposed this uprising formed the small highland kingdom of Leah (World of Shannara). In the aftermath of the War of the Races, Men were barred from entry into Druid's Keep (First King of Shannara). In the long years after the War, the Race of Man withdrew into the Southland cities to lick their wounds, leaving only fledgling outposts in the Borderlands. They pursued an isolationist policy from the other Races, and soon forgot the true course of events that had led to their separation. The city of Dechtera swelled to become the second greatest industrial centre of the Four Lands. The Borderlands became the frontier for the Southland, and the Kingdom of Callahorn emerged as a superbly defended coalition of the three cities Tyrsis, Kern and Varfleet. The legendary Border Legion withstood many incursions of Gnome and Rock Troll raiders. Callahorn was also a most cosmopolitan land, pursuing the multicultural dream originally intended by the First Council of Paranor. While the Southland refused to offer any aid in the Third War of the Races, it was Callahorn that bore the full brunt of the Northland Army. The Warlock Lord placed a spy within Tyrsis who poisoned King Ruhl Buckannah and manipulated his unstable younger son Palance into disbanding the Border Legion. Callahorn was saved by the return of Crown Prince Balinor Buckannah, and the valor of Prince Menion Leah. Kern fell before the onslaught, but its populace escaped to Tyrsis due to the daring ingenuity of Prince Leah. The siege of Tyrsis was broken only when the Warlock Lord fell before the scion of Shannara, and his commanding Skull Bearers were destroyed. Belatedly, the Southland cities of Dechtera, Stern and Wayford realised the danger that they had narrowly avoided, and united into the Southland Federation. The Federation and Callahorn became drawn inexorably into conflict as Callahorn, after rebuilding Kern, continued to strive for independence, and the Federation to bring the Borderlands back under their control. The Borderlands offered token support to the Elves in the War of the Forbidding and the Dwarves in the War of the Ildatch. Eventually the Federation came to dominate the entire Race of Man, save for the nomadic Rover people. The Federation Council became corrupted by the Shadowen, who used their position to poison the Four Lands and wage war upon the other Races. The Federation waged a brutal war upon the Dwarves using Creepers, and ultimately enslaved their people, intent eventually upon genocide. Most of the Gnome tribes fell in line with Federation decrees. With the return of the Elves to the Four Lands, the Federation declared an all out war upon Arborlon. This assault was broken only when the scions of Shannara overcame the Shadowen at Southwatch, causing the invading army to rout. Callahorn was retaken by the Freeborn rebellion, and Leah was likewise declared independent once again. The Federation built a new city as the capital of their empire, Arishaig; the jewel of the Federation. The Federation continued to remain aggressive to the other Races and within two centuries they fully resumed their assault. When the airship was invented in the Rover coastal cities (World of Shannara), they gained new weapons in the form of mighty flying vessels. Airships were useful in the war waged between the Southland and the Freeborn Alliance, of the Borderlands, the Elves and the Dwarves. Prime Minister Sen Dunsidan was notable for relying upon magical enemies of Paranor to bolster his power. These included the Ilse Witch, the Morgawr and the rebel Druids Iridia Elerri and Shadea A'rhu. Ultimately Dunsidan became a cat's paw for a Demonic warlock named Tael Riverine, who wished to used the Federation army to destroy the Forbidding. This ploy was foiled by the courage of Penderrin Ohmsford of the Shannara line. Severe restrictions were placed upon the Southland following their failed attack upon Arborlon, in particular a deadly new airship weapon utilising laser emitting crystals was absolutely banned and its plans destroyed.


The Dwarves, who live in the Eastland, were one of the races that evolved from Humans. During the time of the Great Wars, the Humans who would later become Dwarves hid underground to avoid the devastation above the ground. Centuries of living in caves before finally re-emerging made the Dwarves shorter than Men and gave them a great dislike of caves, as they vowed they would never live underground again. The Dwarves committed themselves to a life in the forested wilderness of the Anar forests, pursuing a reverence for nature reminiscent of the Elves. The Dwarves contributed to the inauguration of the First Council of Paranor, and also supported the Druid Army against the Man separatists in the First War of the Races. The Dwarves stood steadfast in their loyalty to the Druid Council over the millennia in a manner surpassing any other Race. The Dwarves became embroiled in the Gnome Border Wars shortly after the conclusion of the war. The bitter rivalry between the two peoples resulted from their having to share the Eastland between them. King Raybur managed to drive the Gnome tribes East of the Cillidellan and North of the Central Anar. The Central Anar and the Wolfsktaag Mountains became contested border territory with the Dwarven people settling in the Southern Anar. The Dwarves bore the full brunt of the Northland Army in the Second War of the Races. While Culhaven was sacked and many thousands slain, a large portion of the Dwarven people managed to escape into the deep Eastland beyond the Ravenshorn Mountains. The casualty count of their enemies was phenomenal. The remainder of the Dwarven army later marched on the Northland Army after it had been weakened by the Elves, and they managed to drive it to rout. Raybur rebuilt Culhaven, as well as a heavily fortified castle called Capaal to guard the headwaters of the Silver River. The Dwarven monarchy was later ended, to be replaced by a Democracy. In the Third War of the Races, the Gnome Wars flared up anew., and the Dwarves lent warriors to help defend the Border city of Varfleet against the Northern army. They later supported Arborlon in the War of the Forbidding. The Gnomes were soon after marshalled en-masse from the Ravenshorn by the Mord Wraiths. The Dwarves were drawn into a desperate struggle with this new evil, who sought to poison the Silver River and exterminate their people. Fortress Capaal fell before a summoned Kraken in this conflict. Despite support from both Arborlon and the Borderlands, the tide was turned only when Brin Ohmsford of the Shannara line destroyed the Ildatch grimoire which provided the Mord Wraiths with their dark powers. Despite withstanding this evil, the Dwarven race would fall before the more insidious threat of the Shadowen taint, allowing the Federation to enslave them. The Dwarves fought the Federation shortly before the events of The Heritage of Shannara took place. The Federation was kept at bay by the Dwarves, as the latter employed guerilla-style tactics. However, the Federation defeated the Dwarves by sending in Creepers. In months, the war was over. The Dwarves were then enslaved and put to work in mines for the Federation. When the Federation armies were defeated at the battle of the Valley of Rhenn, the Coalition Council withdrew from the Eastland, prompted by a revolt of the Dwarves led by Morgan Leah of the Freeborn. The Dwarves remained staunch allies of the Freeborn against the Federation, and lent troops and airships to their war.


The Gnomes live in the Northland and Eastland. They are short, twisted and yellow-skinned, are very superstitious, and are united only under a chieftain or sedt, one for each clan. They are reverent and terrified of the creatures of Old magic within the Wolfsktaag Mountains. The Gnomes are the descendants of humans who survived the holocaust of the Great Wars within dense forests. Gnomes are adapted to a forest lifestyle, and some scholars suggest that their exposure to radiation caused a genetic mental retardation in their people (World of Shannara). A tribal and warlike people, the Gnomes were constantly enmeshed in border skirmishes and feuds. Gnomes warriors are typically light skirmishers and scouts, they also rode ponies in the Race Wars as light cavalry. Gnome loremasters were involved in forging the First Council of Paranor, and the Gnomes allied themselves with the other Races against the Southland separatists in the First War of the Races. The Gnome Border Wars of the Eastland raged for many centuries between the Gnomes and Dwarves, who had to share the Eastland between them. The conflict eventually led to the Gnomes being driven into the Northern Anar Forest and east of the Cillidelan (First King of Shannara). Gnome tribes also regularly led raids into the farmlands of the Southland. The Gnomes of the Northland were traditional enemies of the Rock Trolls. In the Second War of the Races, the Gnomes allied themselves with the Army of the Skull; after watching the defeat and subjugation of the larger, fiercer and better organized Rock Trolls. The War decimated the Gnomes, and cost their Race countless casualties. The Mountain Gnomes of the Ravenshorn Mountains were subjugated and enslaved by the Mwellrets. They were forced into constructing a mighty fortress called Graymark, that cost many thousands of slave lives. The Caves of Night were the disposal bins for slaves the Mwellrets no longer needed. The Mwellrets provided the Warlock Lord with a Mountain Gnome army in the Third War of the Races in exchange for being left alone as sovereign rulers of the Ravenshorn. About a century later, this pact was broken when the Mord Wraiths failed to cede the agreement between the Mwellrets and Brona. The Black Walkers seized Graymark for themselves, becoming new and even crueller rulers of the Gnomes, whom they used as soldiers in the War of the Ildatch. The Gnomes fell into line with the Southland Federation a few decades later, although a few tribes rebelled against this expansion of the Race of Man (Scions of Shannara). With the invention of the airship, Gnome raiders took to using light one man airships called flits to harry and harass larger vessels (Jarka Ruus). Gnomes were also the base level troops of the rebel Druids of the Third Council, provided by the Gnome Druid Pyson Wense. This force was dispatched by a Rock Troll army marshalled under Maturen Kermadec of the Kershalt.

Spider Gnomes

The Spider Gnomes are a small group of Gnomes who live in the Darklin Reach. They are more primitive than the other Gnomes and bear an uncanny resemblance to spiders in the way they move. Superstitious in nature, they present sacrifices to the Werebeasts who live in certain areas around their village, especially Olden Moor. In the series 'The Scions of Shannara', they are also seen to be helping the Shadowen. They have no actual language, making guttural chirps and sounds instead. The Spiders, one of the groups of mutants in the Genesis of Shannara trilogy, are very similar in both beliefs and appearances. Interestingly, the precursor "Spiders" were still cognitive beings, able to speak English and not yet fully haircovered.


The Stors are a race of Healers, considered to be the best in the world. Unlike the other Gnomes, the Stors have traditionally been committed reverently to a path of benevolent neutrality. Their small town, Storlock, is located in the Eastland. Wil Ohmsford is considered to be the first human to tutor under the Stors. The Stors are stated in World of Shannara to be an order formed by a Druid of the First Council of Paranor, who was committed to the arts of healing. The order is named after this founding figure. Storlock became legendary across the Four Lands for their amazing ability to combat illness and injury. Storlock almost fell to the Northland Army during the 2nd War of the Races when a roving Rock Troll platoon appeared at its gates. The Trolls were driven away by the magic of Mareth, an apprentice of the Druid Bremen. The Stors played vital roles in the history of the Four Lands, including saving the last scion of Shannara from poison in the 3rd War of the Races; and healing the Druid Allanon after a run-in with Demons. The Stors are characteristically silent around foreigners to their order, and wear white robes. The Stors have traditionally maintained subtle alliances with solo Druids such as Cogline and Allanon.


Urdas are half-gnomes, half-trolls that live in the Charnal Mountains and the Inkrim, in the Northland. They are very tribal and superstitious; and although they are small, in large numbers they can be very dangerous. The Urdas are a highly insular people whom even Rock Trolls regard as primitive savages (Tanequil). Urda tribes consider Old World ruins such as Eldwist (Druid of Shannara), and Stridegate (Tanequil) as sacred ground, and respond aggressively to incursions into such territory. They typically live in small fortified villages.


Trolls are the descendants of humans who survived the cataclysm of the Great Wars above ground, and were directly exposed to the dangerous radiation unleashed across this time. In the Genesis of Shannara trilogy, their precursors were known as the Lizards, beings that developed either scale like or bark like skin, featureless faces, and in some cases the inability to talk in the English tongue.

In the rest of the Shannara series, Trolls live in various regions across the Four Lands, and there are several species. The Shannara saga so far outlines four; Rock Trolls, Mwellrets, Forest Trolls and River Trolls. The different Troll Races have no allegiance to another, and in particular the latter two species are sworn rivals of the Rock Trolls (Jarka Ruus).

Lesser Trolls

Forest Trolls and River Trolls are aggressive and nomadic peoples who have had little civilized contact with the other Races. They fought in the Army of the Skull for the Warlock Lord in the 2nd and 3rd Wars of the Races, although it is conceivable that some tribes fought for the Druid Army of the Races in the First Race War. The Lesser Trolls acted as rank and file foot troops for the Warlock Lord, of greater combat prowess than Gnomes, but much weaker than Rock Trolls. Unlike Rock Trolls, these Races did not become trading partners and allies with Men, Elves and Dwarves after the Wars of the Races. In the Northland, they remain dangerous rivals of their larger cousins.


The Mwellrets are a species of Troll who adapted to live in the swamp land of the deep Eastland. They are mostly resistant to magic and have evolved reptilian physiologies and the ability to contort and alter their body size and shape. They returned to civilization much faster than the other races, and subjugated the Mountain Gnomes of Ravenshorn Mountains. The Gnomes believed the lizard people to command powerful magic that they could not withstand. Some Mwellrets such as Stythys (Wishsong of Shannara) commanded powers of great persuasion and manipulation, probably aided by some form of magic. The Mwellrets used their powers to coerce the weaker human races or 'little people' as they referred to them. They forced their slaves to build a mighty fortess in the Ravenshorn called Graymark, as the capital for their empire. They condemned many thousands of slaves to death in the Caves of Night below Graymark.

The Mwellrets remained an insular people and played no role in the politics of the wider Four Lands. They did not contribute their knowledge and powers to forming the 1st Druid Council of Paranor along with the other races. The lizard people were all but unknown by most of the races, although Dwarves such as Elb Foeraker (Wishsong of Shannara) viewed them with extreme distrust. They typically concealed their unsettling appearances with cowls and cloaks.

During the Second and Third Race Wars, the Mwellrets bargained with the Warlock Lord to provide some of their Gnomes for his army in exchange for their power remaining untouched. However, they later fell prey to the Mord Wraiths, who caused them to sicken to a handful. The Mwellrets were driven from Graymark. The survivors established themselves at the fallen Dwarf citadel of Dun Fee Aran where they ruled the Gnomes who resided there. Their attempts to command the dark magic of the Ildatch were thwarted a few years after the War of the Ildatch by Jair Ohmsford (Indomitable). A number of Mwellrets later served as aids to the warlock known as the Morgawr.

Rock Trolls

Rock trolls are the largest and most formidable fighters in the Four Lands. They stand 6-7 feet tall, have barklike skin, and lack little fingers, and have no hair. The Rock Trolls are principally a race of tribal nomads that live in the deep Northland, especially in the Kershalt and the Charnel Mountains. Rock trolls are the finest and most feared fighters in the Four Lands, and typically wear heavy armour and carry large heavy weapons. Despite a stringent code of honour and a history of warfare and invasions into the Southland, they are a relatively peaceful people with little desire to expand into other territories. The Rock Trolls are allies and trading partners of the Freeborn of Callahorn, the Elven Kingdom of Arborlon, and the Druid Council of Paranor. The Rock Trolls played a role in the coalition of Races that formed the First Council of Paranor, pledging their support to an international force of scholars, peacekeepers and loremasters. The Rock Trolls fought against the Southland separatists of the Race of Man, in alliance with the other Races, in the First War of the Races. They are traditional enemies of the Southland Federation, Gnomes, Urdas, beings of evil magic and Lesser Trolls. The tribal nature of the Rock trolls, combined with their deep distrust of magic, made them easy victims for the Skullbearers. In both the 2nd and 3rd Wars of the Races, the Rock Trolls were united as the backbone of the Northland Army of the Warlock Lord, and sent to war against the Men, Elves and Dwarves. In the 3rd Race War, Brona tapped into the Trollish fear of the undead by promoting himself as the Spirit King; a returned hero from a bygone era. The Warlock Lord and his Skull Bearers attacked the Troll city of Norbane, quelling all resistance to his dominion, and again mobilizing the Rock Trolls for war.

With the defeat of the Northland host the Rock Trolls were seriously weakened as a force. The Skull Kingdom became a taboo land, and the Rock Trolls became again more cosmopolitan in outlook. The forges in camp cities such as Taupo Rough are some of the best in the Four Lands. The Rock Trolls of the Kershalt allied themselves with the Elves in the War of the Forbidding, and with the Freeborn in the Shadowen War. Rock Trolls occasionally live in the Borderlands, despite a history of invading and fighting the Border Legion. Newer Northland cities such as Anatcherae feature an interracial makeup of Rock Trolls and Men. With the invention of the airship, Rock Troll armies took to using large troop transport vessels to speed their advancement.

With the inception of the Third Council of Paranor, the Kershalt declined Druid training; but instead pledged themselves as a defence force for Druid's Keep. This force was disbanded when Ard Rhys Grianne Ohmsford disppeared, but were instrumental in retaking the fortress from insurgents within the order, pending an attack upon the forge city of Taupo Rough.


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The Elves live in the Westland. Unlike the other races, the Elves did not evolve from Men. In reality, the elves existed during the Time of the Faerie, but lived in hiding when humans came into power. The Elves only came out of hiding after the Great Wars. Many of the events during the time of Allanon concerned the Elves. The Elves were always allied with the Bordermen and Dwarves in their fight against the Enemy. During the time of the Federation, the Elves used the Loden (an elfstone) to move the entire city of Arborlon and the Elven nation to the island of Morrowindl, until Wren Elessedil found them and brought them back to the Four Lands.


Some Elves fell in love with humans and married, and their children were born with both human and elven blood in their veins. The most notable Half-Elf was Shea Ohmsford, the last descendant of the Shannara royal lineage. All of Shea's descendants had some elven blood in them, but as the majority of them had children with other humans, that elven blood would be further diluted with each successive generation. Other descendants of Shea Ohmsford eventually intermarried with the Elessedil royal family of the Elves, meaning that the present Elessedils have distant human ancestry.

Sky Elves

The Sky Elves were a group of Elves who migrated at some point to Wing Hove, in the Westland. There they found the Rocs, large birds, and were able to tame them. The Sky Elves consider themselves a different race from the land Elves. They played an important role in both the Elfstones and the Elf Queen books. When the main Elven nation left the Four Lands the Sky Elves decided to stay.

Ethereal creatures


The Banshees reside in the Hall of Kings, near Paranor. It is said that their voices can turn people insane. The Banshees are named after legendary astral spirits from the time of Faerie (Sword of Shannara). They are incorporeal and disembodied wailing and shrieking voices that inhabit an area of the abandoned tomb known as the Tunnel of Winds. World of Shannara states that this chamber may in fact be infinite in size. It is not known what role the Banshees played for the Death Cult that maintained the complex in the years after the holocaust.

Mord Wraiths

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Mutens are creatures of dark magic who act as guardians. They first appeared at Skull Mountain, serving as sentinels for the Warlock Lord at Skull Mountain. These lumpy, misshapen beasts were named "Mutens" by the Rock Trolls, which simply means 'monster'. Troll legends suggest that they were baked out of clay and brought to life by Brona, or were warped and disfigured humans whom he changed with magic. Later, they were resummoned by the Mord Wraiths to guard the Maelmord. They have a vaguely humanoid appearance, but have dark skin, dead eyes and are incredibly resilient. The Mutens survived the fall of the Skull Kingdom, and continued to reside within the blighted wasteland at the heart of the Northland. They became some of the most feared and hated enemies of the Rock Trolls of the Kershalt. Treacherous Druids of the Third Council used Mutens as shock troops against the Rock Trolls of Taupo Rough, who retained loyalty to Ard Rhys Grianne Ohmsford.


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Skull Bearers

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The Warlock Lord

Brona, the Warlock Lord, was a Druid who found the lost book of Dark Magic, the Ildatch, and was turned into a powerful wraith through it. For more on the Warlock Lord, see his main article.

Creatures from the Old World

Creatures of Faerie


Elementals are living beings, built from powerful Faerie magic. Quickening, daughter of the King of the Silver River and the Maw Grint, son of Uhl Belk are examples of such creatures.

Elementals cannot be killed by normal weapons or old age, as described during the killing of Quickening by the hand of Pe Ell. She needed to be killed by a special weapon, for which Pe Ell was used unknowingly for the wielding of his weapon the Stiehl.


The Jachyra is a monster race of the old world, sealed away before even the war between faeries and demons. When the Mord Wraiths come to power in the Eastland, they used their magic within the Wolfsktaag to release the Jachyras again. One lay in wait for Allanon as he journeyed through the Wolfsktaag, which he defeated at the cost of his own life. Another did battle with Garet Jax at Heaven's Well, and despite the lack of proof and the body of the Weapons Master, Jair Ohmsford believed he had beaten it.

Truls Rohk fought and killed a Caull created by the Ilse Witch that resembled a Jachyra.

The Jachyra's appearance is that of a man shaped beast with red skin and a thick ruff of fur about its loins. It has a cry that sounds like laughter, and its poison damages the body and soul. It relishes pain, and feeds on blood. The Jachyras were beasts that thrived on pain and insanity.

Old World Demons

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Mechanical creatures


Creepers are gigantic monstrosities. They were designed by the Men of the Old World, and were used in the Great Wars. They were originally operated by humans, but later became autonomous. Most were destroyed, but a few still survived.

In the New World, The Creepers were first discovered by Federation soldiers, who used it in their war against the Dwarves. Creepers are nearly impossible to destroy, and Padishar Creel was the only human who ever managed to kill one, by stabbing it with a ballista bolt. Several others were used in battle against the Elves. In addition, entirely metallic Creepers were found in the land of Parkasia. Shadowen Creepers had magic augmentation and needed magic to live, like their masters. (The Talismans of Shannara)

Their true precursors were discovered in an encounter in the The Elves of Cintra at the Oronyx Robotics Factory. Spiderlike robots larger than an armored personnel carrier awaken and attack Logan and the Ghosts when they attempt to loot the premises. These robots had tracking systems and laser weapons, and were still functional over a hundred years after the apocalyptic conditions took over. In The Elves of Cintra, these robots were maintained by small maintenance robots that cleared away debris and repaired damage. Likely, the Creepers in the New World are modified descendants, and the Creepers and robots from Antrax were nearly unmodified from their original construction thousands of years ago.

The Rake

The Rake is a gigantic Creeper that lives in Uhl Belk's stone city. It is bigger, stronger, and faster than regular Creepers. The Rake is killed by the Maw Grint, after being lured to him by Pe Ell and Horner Dees.

The Creature of the Wolfsktaag

During Shea Ohmsford's quest for the Sword of Shannara, the company led by Allanon travels through the Wolfsktaag. Allanon separates from the group to go ahead, leaving markers that indicated safety or danger. At one point, the path forks, and Allanon detects a dangerous creature. Allanon leaves the marks as usual, not considering the possibility of the creature's intelligence. The creature comes to the fork and removes the markers.

Later, the remainder of the company arrive at the fork, and take the path that leads to where the creature is. Taking them by surprise, it overpowers Shea and Flick Ohmsford and stings them. However, the creature is forced to retreat by the efforts of the remainder of the company, and it flees before it can be killed.

The creature was created by Men of the Old World, but over time became an eater of flesh. It is a misshapen monster composed of metal and biological matter, and may have been a variation of the Creepers.


The Sphinxes reside in the Hall of Kings, near Paranor. Sphinxes use telepathy to lure a passer to look at them. Anyone who looks at a Sphinx is turned to stone instantly. The only people known who have been able to get past the Sphinxes are Allanon, Shea Ohmsford, Flick Ohmsford, Balinor Buckhannah, Menion Leah, Hendel, Durin, and Dayel in The Sword of Shannara, and Walker Boh in The Scions of Shannara.

Miscellaneous creatures


Asphinxes are actually demons who were banished to the Forbidding along with their demonic brethren. Only one was left in the Four Lands, kept to guard the black elfstone. They have the form of snakes, upon striking their victims they turn to stone, while their poison slowly and painfully turns their victim into stone as well. Walker Boh was bitten by the asphinx while attempting to retrieve the black elfstone in The Scions of Shannara, but he managed to escape by breaking off his own arm. In the world of Jarka Ruus (the Forbidding), Grianne and Weka Dart stumble upon the nesting grounds of the asphinxes. Weka Dart lures the demon wolves of Tael Riverine into the nest area keeping himself and Grianne from harm."The World of Shannara" the Shannara guide, states that there are others in the Hall of Kings that are used to guard side passages.


Caulls are creatures who have been altered from their original form by magic. This is often used to create trackers. The first caull encountered by the heroes of the Four Lands was a Parkasian wolf turned into a creature similar to a Jachyra by Grianne Ohmsford, the Ilse Witch. Other caulls were brought to Parkasia by the Morgawr, and were used to track the company of the Jerle Shannara.


Drakuls are nocturnal Demons whose primarily live on the island of Morrowindl. Drakuls have the ability to move intangibly in a wraith-like form, but must take form to feed. They do this by draining blood from other creatures. Some of their victims will eventually become Drakuls themselves.


Gnawls are ferocious wolf-like creatures that live near the Wolfsktaag. One is encountered by Par Ohmsford and his companions and is described as "having the look of something that didn't have any friends."


Kodens are very large animals that are of the same family as bears.

Walker Boh and his party encountered one on their journey to recover the Black Elfstone in The Druid of Shannara. It had been magically warped by the Stone King and made to guard the pass to his kingdom. It was blind, but its other senses made up for that. It lived in a valley strewn with boulders, and its grey fur allowed it to blend in perfectly with its surroundings. According to Horner Dees, he and a group had managed to get past the Koden once before, by running faster than the members of the party the Koden managed to catch. However, this time Walker Boh used his ability to communicate with animals to make the Koden a promise that they would find a way to free it from Uhl Belk's magic if they were allowed to pass.

Walker's promise was eventually honored. After Quickening's death the resulting restoration of the land affected the Koden as well, restoring and freeing it from Uhl Belk's magical bindings. Before it left however, encountered the assassin Pe Ell, who was attempting to flee after killing Quickening, the daughter of the King of the Silver River. It is unknown whether Pe Ell was killed by the Koden or by some after effect of Quickening's magic, as he was found dead without any visible wounds, a look of terror on his face, and surrounded by Koden tracks.


A Kraken is a large sea creature, seen in The Wishsong of Shannara. It was summoned by the Mord Wraiths in order to defeat their enemies, but was killed by Garet Jax.

Moor Cats

Moor Cats are large cats that can blend in perfectly with their surroundings. Several of them have been associated with Cogline: Shifter and Smoke, sibling cats belonging to Cogline during the time of Bremen; Whisper, a moor cat that answered to Kimber Boh during the time of the Mord Wraiths; and Rumor, a cat that came to belong to Walker Boh, Cogline's student. In the High Druid of Shannara series, Bandit is a moor cat that Pen Ohmsford and his company find in the Slags, and who sacrifices himself by slowing Aphasia Wye long enough for them to escape.


Procks are living fissures or "mouths" that reside within the Cave of Night, which Stythys guided Jair and the rest of the party through in The Wishsong of Shannara in order to reach Graymark unseen. Stythys uses the fire wake to help guide the party through the Cave of Night until he attacks Jair and is subsequently eaten by a prock. Jair then uses the vision crystal along with the aid of Helt's night vision to guide the party out of the remainder of the cave.


Tatterdemalions are short lived, fairly insubstantial creatures (nonetheless, physical - they can be killed) and are constructed from thoughts, ideas, and memories (e.g., the tatterdemalion Ariel was constructed from the memories of dead children). They have the ability to smell demons and smell when a demon has affected someone. Their lifespan is between 30 to 60 days.

Tree Squeaks

Tree Squeaks are tiny creatures about one foot tall. They are extremely fast, and smart enough not to get trapped, which is what keeps them alive.

One of the Tree Squeeks, Faun, "adopted" Wren Elessedil when she visited Morrowindl, and journeyed to the Four Lands with her. Faun was later killed in an attempt on the Elf Queen's life from Shadowen assassins.


Rocs are large birds that are flown by Sky Elf Wing Riders. The Wing Riders and their rocs came to the aid of the Elves during their final battle against the Demons. Afterwards, One Wing Rider flew Wren to the island of Morrowindl and back. In addition, Wing Riders and rocs accompanied Walker and the crew of Jerle Shannara in the Voyage of Jerle Shannara.


Sirens are a species of tree like creature that lure travelers to within their reach with illusion and song. They attack with poison tipped claw-like appendages. Menion Leah was almost killed by a siren in The Sword of Shannara but was rescued by Hendel the Dwarf.


The Splinterscats, one of the first creatures that the Elves created, resemble giant porcupines. They were created to guard Elven farms, but after the Demons emerged, the Splinterscats lived in the wild. Like many of the creatures created by the Elves they had powers of speech and reason. One even becomes a good advisor and trusted friend of Wren Elessedil, Stresa.



Valg, The Guardian of the Dead, is a gigantic serpent, the third guardian of the Hall of Kings, near Paranor. In The Sword of Shannara, Allanon and his friends were forced to pass through the cavern of the Valg in order to continue to the other side of the Hall of Kings. It is unknown whether the Valg is still alive.

The Creature of the Mist Marsh

Some species of Kraken.


Things are gigantic creatures that live in the Matted Breaks. Wren Elessedil was able to kill eight Creepers by luring them into the Matted Breaks, where they were destroyed by the Things.

War Shrikes

War Shrikes are hunting birds. They are usually small, but can grow to gargantuan sizes.

They are the natural enemy of Rocs, and were often used by villains in the Shannara series, such as Tib Arne and the Ilse Witch.

Grianne had a war shrike in Jarka Ruus, called Chaser. It was not mentioned since.


Werebeasts are malicious beasts who have a resemblance to the Drakuls of Morrowindl. They appear at first as a thick mist and settle over their victim. They then lead their prey into a state of delusion by reading their prey's mind and taking the shape of a friend or familiar face. They quickly resume their mist form and repeat the process. The victim eventually is lost and tired and the Werebeast then attacks. Par Ohmsford fell victim to Werebeasts and was saved by Walker Boh and Rumor.

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