Shannara pc

Shannara is a computer game for the IBM PC based on the Shannara series of books.

Plot Synopsis

You are Jak Ohmsford, son of Shea. Your adventure starts in Shady Vale where you meet Allanon. He tells you of the horrible Warlock Lord's return. So you set off into the The Four Lands. On your journey you meet familiar friends, horrific enemies, some surprise characters from the books.


There are essentially three different sides to the game. Firstly, there is the adventure mode, in which the player controls Jak and his friends, interacts with characters and solves the puzzles they are presented with.

Secondly, there is the travel screen, in which the characters move through the Four Lands, sometimes guided by trackers.

Lastly, there is the fight screen, where the player must fight off the various monsters under the control of Brona.

Object of the game

The game is divided into two parts:

  • First, you must find the Sword of Shannara.
  • Second, you must travel to each of the Four Lands, to recover four magical artifacts needed to repair the Sword.


Shannara is an adventure game, and is puzzle-based. While the puzzles can be quite interesting, most reviewers of the game complain that they are too easy. The game will usually take about 10 hours to complete, significantly less if you have read the Shannara books.


Shannara does feature some combat, though it is lacking in many ways. You cannot actually fight - you can only select who you and your companions will attack, such as the weakest, strongest or the leader. You and your companions can also use magical items. There is no character development and no way to select weapons.