Seersha is a character in The Dark Legacy of Shannara trilogy. She is a Dwarf and a warrior Druid who is skilled in combat. She accompanies the Ard Rhys Khyber Elessedil on her quest to find the lost Elfstones.


Seersha recruited Crace Coram, a former Dwarf Chieftain whom she had known all her life, to come on the Druids' quest for the missing Elfstones.

During the quest, the company split in two, with the Ard Rhys leading one contingent into a magical entrance while Seersha and others stood guard from without. Unfortunately, it turned out that the entrance led into the Forbidding, and once Khyber and her contingent entered the portal, it disappeared with them trapped inside. Seersha was left with Skint, Railing Ohmsford, and others to stand guard and fight wave after wave of Goblins that had come out of the Forbidding. The party was only saved when Mirai Leah led a fleet of Rover airships to them and rescued them.

Crace, who had followed Khyber into the Forbidding, was saved by Tesla Dart, who led him and Oriantha to a temporary opening within the Forbidding that led back out into the Four Lands. At the last minute, Oriantha opted to stay in the Forbidding to avenge the death of her mother, the Druid Pleysia Ariana, and to try and save the Ard Rhys and Redden Ohmsford, both of whom had been captured by the Straken Lord Tael Riverine. Crace left the Forbidding to tell Seersha and the remainder of the company what had happened to those in their party who had gotten trapped within the Forbidding.

Seersha returned to Arborlon to assist the Elves against potential threats from the Demons that were set to break free from the Forbidding. When Emperowen Elessedil, King of the Elves, and his brother Ellich informed her that the Tael Riverine and his Demons had broken free and were moving to attack the Federation stronghold of Arishaig, Seersha successfully convinced the Elven High Council of the need for the Elves to ally themselves with their historic enemy: The High Council voted seven to two to ally with the Federation, with Emperowen's son Phaedon Elessedil being one of the dissenters.

Sensing a threat to Aphenglow and Arlingfant Elessedil on their journey to immerse the seed of the Ellcrys in the Bloodfire, Seersha and Crace commandeered an airship and flew from the Westland to Paranor, where Seersha used the scry waters to determine the Elven sisters' whereabouts. Noting the recent and intense use of Elven magic in Arishaig, Seersha and Crace flew to the Southland city, only to find Aphenglow and Arlingfant already gone and the city laid to waste by Tael Riverine's Demon horde.

Seersha flew back to Arborlon to assist the Elven nation as the Demons began to invade the Westland, while Crace traveled to the Eastland to rally the Dwarves and bring troops to help the Elves. Seersha fought valiantly, using her Druid magic to fight Tael Riverine himself one-on-one. However, she was injured badly, and during her recovery she was nearly killed by a Changeling-type creature under the command of Edinja Orle; the creature had taken the form of Jera, Ellich's wife. Ultimately, the Four Lands were saved only when Arlingfant restored the Ellcrys and the Forbidding.

After the Ellcrys was reborn and the creatures of the Forbidding were banished once more, Seersha returned to Paranor with Aphenglow and Oriantha to continue and rebuild the fourth Druid Order, with Aphenglow succeeding as Khyber as Ard Rhys.

Some years later, while Aphenglow was suspended in the Druid sleep, Seersha died in her sleep, forcing Oriantha to take up the mantle of leadership as acting Ard Rhys.

Physical Appearance

Seersha is a rough-featured Dwarf woman with short hair and a thick, stocky build. She has an eye patch covering a missing eye lost in a childhood accident, multiple tattoos of Dwarf symbols on her neck and arms, and a body ridged with scars acquired in countless battles both while serving as a Druid and before. She wears the black robes of the Druid Order, but with stripes of crimson and gold on the shoulders and down the back.

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