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"Safehold" is the ninth episode of The Shannara Chronicles.


With time running out, Wil, Amberle and Eretria must cross ancient Human ruins to reach the Bloodfire. But a nefarious evil stands in their way, testing their friendship and manipulating them against each other. At the palace, Allanon and Ander stave off a coup while facing the imminent attack from the Dagda Mor and his army.


Wil, Amberle and Eretria have come to the end of their quest. They arrive in the San Francisco Bay Area, with a map of the old transit system. The trio decide to take the tunnels under the water. Before departing, Wil discovers a faded sign for San Francisco and Oakland. With a rock, he turns the visible SAF and OLD into the word "Safehold."

The three enter the tunnels with torches and encounter a room full of sleeping Trolls with Eretria's tattoo painted on the wall. They sneak past and enter a room lit with candles. Eretria feels a sense of familiarity and all of a sudden she feels a wave of magic pour over her. Suddenly she knows where they need to go. They head to the ruins of a church, where they then encounter Mallenroh and Morag, two women who identify themselves as the guardians of the Bloodfire.

The witches immediately ask several cutting questions, trying to tear the group apart. Amberle and Eretria get into a fight, instigated by the witches, and when Wil tries to break it up he accidentally cuts Eretria's hand. Her blood starts to float towards the ceiling and the witches suddenly exclaim that she is "a child of the Armageddon." Eretria realizes that her blood is the key to unlocking the Bloodfire.

The Bloodfire erupts and comes to life. Amberle goes to immerse herself in the flames. When the witches try to stop her, Wil kills them with the Elfstones. Amberle disappears into the fire, Eretria passes out from blood loss, and Wil is left frantic.

Allanon is training Bandon to harness his magic properly. Bandon is resentful of the Druid's harsh training and preoccupied with the feeling that he is only being valued for his magic. Later, it becomes apparent that the Dagda Mor's hold on Bandon's mind has not been completely undone. When Bandon and Catania are alone together. he confesses that he still feels the Dagda Mor's presence and Catania encourages him to fight it. They kiss, but as their intimacy increases Bandon gets a vision from the Dadga Mor and ends up trying to strangle her. She manages to get away, and Allanon hides her from Bandon for her own good.

Meanwhile, Ander sends Commander Tilton, Captain of the Black Watch, to meet with Slanter and the Gnomes and convince them to join the Elves in the battle against the Demons. While the Commander is away Kael Pindanon, a member of the High Council, stages a coup with the Black Watch under her lead and throws Ander in prison.

Commander Tilton returns with Slanter, who frees Ander from prison. Together with Allanon, the Commander, and a cadre of Gnomes, Ander presents the new alliance to the Elven High Council. The Black Watch, upon seeing the work Ander has done to bring in reinforcements against the Demons, quickly apologizes to the King and falls back in line under his rule. Ander declares that the only way to win the war is to revive the Ellcrys and restore the Forbidding.

The episode ends with the final leaf falling from the Ellcrys, marking the tree's death and the collapse of the Forbidding. Demons are now free to walk the earth, and the Dagda Mor exclaims that they will bathe the Four Lands in Elven blood.


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