Rumor is a minor character in The Heritage of Shannara trilogy. He is a moor cat that was raised by the former Druid Cogline.


Rumor was fiercely loyal to both the old man Cogline and to Walker Boh. He aided in rescuing Par Ohmsford from Werebeasts after the boy was captured by Spider Gnomes. The cat weighed roughly 400 pounds and was a ferocious and cunning fighter. He fought with Cogline to the end when Rimmer Dall and his Shadowen attacked Hearthstone. Thanks to a volume of the Druid Histories, he and Cogline were saved by being transported into the limbo world of Paranor until Walker restored the Druid's Keep with the Black Elfstone.

After Cogline's death, Rumor accompanied Walker in search of his friends and aided in the attack on Southwatch and the ultimate demise of the Shadowen. He was still with Walker 130 years later but was left to watch over Paranor while Walker traveled to Parkasia. Details of his death are not known but it is presumed to have occurred after Walker left and before the events of the High Druid of Shannara trilogy, in which Grianne Ohmsford had taken over Paranor as the Ard Rhys of the Third Druid Order.