Roc vs War Shrikes

A Wing Rider aboard his Roc. Artwork from the original edition of The World of Shannara.

Rocs are giant seabirds that live on the coast of the Westland. They are tamed and flown by Wing Riders, who are Sky Elves. In the time of Ander Elessedil, King of the Land Elves, Wing Riders and their Rocs came to the aid of the Land Elves during their final battle against the Demons. Centuries later, the Wing Rider Tiger Ty flew Wren Elessedil to the island of Morrowindl and back during her quest to restore the Elves to the Westland. Wing Riders and Rocs also accompanied the Druid Walker Boh and the crew of the Jerle Shannara during his voyage to Parkasia.