Raybur is by many considered to be the greatest Dwarven King to have lived. He was a warrior king having grown up on the frontiers wilds between the Gnomes and Dwarves, spending his entire life in battle. When crowned king he pursued war against the Gnomes with a singleminded determination to keep the lands of the Central and Lower Anar in Dwarven hands. So frightening and successful was he at this, that he managed to push the Gnomes tribes back beyond the Rabb River and east of the Silver River that the Dwarf lands where twice their previous size, and the Gnomes no longer threatened the Dwarves and their homelands. For the first time in centuries, all that lay between was safe for Dwarven settlement and habitation.

When the Northland army was coming south, Raybur mobilized the whole of the Dwarven army, abandoned Culhaven, and sent all the women, children and elderly into the relative safety of the deep interior of the Anar.Then marched the Dwarf army north into the Wolfsktaag Mountains to do what they could against the Northland army.

Raybur was a big man, not in height, but broad and strong through the chest and shoulders, with a huge head and weathered face covered in a beard. Through is rough exterior he was a warm and exuberant Dwarf, quick to laugh. Raybur was a master general and together with Risca, lead the Dwarven army in a very successful withdrawal across the Central and Lower Anar, delaying the Northland army. Finally they retreated from Stedden Keep deep into the Anar. When the Northland army left considering the Dwarves dealt with, Raybur sent the rest of his army north and west to help the Elves after hearing word from Kinson Ravenlock and Mareth. It was Raybur's force that was able to halt the remnants of the Northland army on the Streleheim, which allowed Jerle Shannara to defeat the Warlock Lord.

Upon his return to the Eastland, Raybur rebuilt all the towns and homes that had been razed by the Northlanders. He is the one that planned and had planted the Meade Gardens in Culhaven. It is there that he had the body of his best friend Risca buried. He ruled the Dwarves in relative peace afterwards. His greatest legacy was the dams of Capaal. A series of dams and locks on the Silver River to protect the Dwarf lands from floods, protected by a massive fortress. It has served to protect the Lower Anar and help it flourish. When he passed he was buried along side his friend in the Meade Gardens.

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