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Pick is a tree-like creature, six inches from the tips of his twig feet to the top of his leafy head[1]:

He looked like twigs and leaves bound together into a child's tiny stick man. His hands were making nervous gestures... pulling at his silky moss beard and slapping his bark-encrusted thighs.

-- Running with the Demon (1997), pp. 8

Elsewhere his description is added too with the following:

... nine ounces of weight, he was as small and light as a bird. He was a wizened bit of wood with vaguely human features stamped above amossy beard. Leaves grew out of his head in place of hair. His arms and legs were flexible twigs that narrowed to tiny fingers and stubby toes. He looked like a Disney animation that got roughed up a bit. His fierce eyes were as hard and flat as ink dots on stone.

-- Running with the Demon (1997), pp. 86

When agitated Pick has a tendency to make nervous gestures with his hands. And Pick seems to be agitated quite a bit. Additionally when agitated or stressed, Pick mutters to himself constantly complaining about a great many things. Though he exercised a great deal of responsibility, he would rather stay invisible when encountering other people or the feeders. He tends to play the part of the cranky old man.

Pick is a Silvan, and his task is to warden Sinnissippi Park. He does so by patrolling the park on an owl, Daniel, who flies him around. Over the years, he acquires the help of the respective Freemark women. At the time of the Word/Void trilogy, his helper is Nest Freemark, who took over from her grandmother.