Panax is a character in The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara trilogy. He is an older Dwarf who accompanies Walker Boh on his voyage to Parkasia.


Panax is a gruff and irascible man who likes wood carving. He lived in a cabin that was a small, neat shelter built of logs, set back in a clearing near the crest of the foothills. He carried a battle axe.

Panax earned a living by doing various things, including guiding people through the mountains. Some time ago, his life had been saved by the shape-shifter Truls Rohk. While he was recovering, Truls taught him about surviving in the mountains.

Bek Ohmsford and Quentin Leah sought out Panax in the town of Depo Bent because they needed his help in locating Truls Rohk so that they could ask him to accompany them to Parkasia. Once in Parkasia, Panax helped Walker's party communicate with the Rindge, a local tribal people who spoke a language similar to ancient Dwarven. He ended up deciding to stay in Parkasia and live out the rest of his life with the Rindge instead of returning to the Four Lands with the surviving members of Walker's expedition.

Physical Appearance.

Panax is described as solid looking and rough-featured. He is bearded and no longer young, with deep lines on his forehead. His skin is browned and weathered from the sun and wind.Wearing woodsman clothing when he first appeared.

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