Morrowindl is an island located in the Blue Divide, several days flight off the coast of the Westland. For roughly a century, it was home to the Elves, who transported Arborlon and their entire nation's populace from the Westland to the island inside the Elfstone known as the Loden. The Sky Elves, who had always lived apart from the majority of the Elves in the coastal Westland community of Wing Hove, moved from the Westland to smaller neighboring islands some years after the rest of the Elves had established themselves on Morrowindl.


For most of its existence Morrowindl was an isolated island paradise, harboring gorgeous flora and unique animals like the Tree Squeaks. The Elves arrived in the last century of the island's existence, and their use of magic created new creatures that began inhabiting the island, such as the Splinterscats, and clones to guard the island who would later become a form of Shadowen, though the Elves of Morrowindl referred to them as demons.


When Wren Elessedil arrives on Morrowindl as part of her quest to find the Elves and return them to the Four Lands, she is the first person to make it safely to Arborlon from the outside world in decades. Her return coincides with the demons' first serious breach of the Keel, the magical wall that encloses and protects the Elven city. Ellenroh Elessedil, the Queen of the Elves and Wren's grandmother, repairs the breach by stealing some of the Loden's remaining magic.

Wren's arrival on the island in accordance with Eowen Cerise's prophecy and the breach of the Keel impel Ellenroh to declare that the time has come for the Elves to return to the Westland. After Ellenroh seals Arborlon and the Elves into the Loden, she, Wren, and a small company endeavor to make their way to the coast of Morrowindl where the Wing Rider Tiger Ty can take them off the island.

The removal and sealing away of Arborlon further disrupts the balance of magic on the island, causing the already unstable volcano Killeshan to begin erupting. As the party makes their way to the coast, the island begins to destroy itself from the inside out. By the time the company reaches the ocean, only Wren and Home Guard Captain Triss are still alive. Tiger Ty takes them off the island hours before all of Morrowindl is engulfed in fire.

Notable Landmarks

  • Arborlon — Capital of the Elves and a city that predates the Great Wars. Before the Elves were moved to Morrowindl from the Westland, all Elves living in outlying communities were called into the city. Then the entire city was scooped up and sealed away in the Loden for transport to the island.
  • Blackledge — A large, open plateau that ends in cliffs which drop down to the In Ju swamp and the beaches at the southern end of the island.
  • Eden's Murk — A swamp filled with dangers such as the Darter, a plant that shoots fatally poisonous thorns when disturbed. The miasma of the swamp causes Ellenroh Elessedil to come down with a fever, from which she soon dies.
  • Harrow — Home of the Drakuls, a type of formless, wraithlike Shadowen that only take on a corporeal form in order to feed. Drakuls suck all the body fluids out of the people they target and turn those people into Drakuls themselves.
  • In Ju — A vast, deadly swamp in which the Wisteron, an immensely powerful Shadowen, hunts and has its lair.
  • Killeshan — The volcano near the center of the island. It is the eruption of Killeshan after the island is thrown out of balance by the disappearance of Arborlon that eventually destroys the island.
  • Rowen — A swift-moving river just beyond Arborlon that is home to giant serpents.