• This page refers to the character. For the fantasy novel, see Morgawr.

The Morgawr is a character in The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara trilogy. He is a powerful warlock who abducts Grianne Ohmsford at a very young age and grooms her, training her to become the Ilse Witch.


Claiming to be the brother of the Witch Sisters Mallenroh and Morag, the Morgawr is half-Mwellret, half-Man. His name comes from an old dialect, and means "wraith." He has stayed alive for centuries by feeding on the life force of others, adding their lifespans to his own. He is rumored to have been an ally to the Shadowen, but was not destroyed as they were. As a scion of the Mwellrets, the Morgawr has the ability to change his shape and appearance.

The Morgawr first became a threat to the heroes of Shannara, and Walker Boh in particular, when he abducted Grianne Ohmsford. Training her in the use of her magic and deceiving her into opposing Walker, he gave her the name Ilse Witch. He gave her his approval to search for the books of magic in Parkasia, but when she failed, he came after her with a fleet of airships and a crew of zombies. He procured them by enlisting Sen Dunsidan, whom he arranged to receive the position of First Minister of the Federation.

Despite the Morgawr's efforts, the heroes' airship the Jerle Shannara managed to evade him. The warlock managed to find the ship again later, when it was returning to the Four Lands. This prompted a confrontation between the Morgawr and Grianne and her brother, Bek Ohmsford. The Ohmsford siblings used their magic to deceive the sentient fortress around them, prompting it to crush the Morgawr and end his threat forever.

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