This article is about minor Dwarves in the Shannara series.


This Dwarf was one of the three Druids that escaped Paranor in the First King of Shannara. He travelled with Bremen until he was ordered to send warning to the Dwarves of the Warlock Lord's inevitable march to Culhaven. On the journey, he attempted to assassinate the Warlock Lord as he slept, but failed in the process, managing to escape the camp by masquerading as a Gnome guard.


Tagwen is the personal aide of Grianne Ohmsford (the Ard Rhys of Paranor). When the insubordinate Druids sent Grianne into the Forbidding, Tagwen warned Kermadec (the Troll Maturen protecting Paranor) that the Druids were planning to put the blame on him. He then went on to try to find Grianne's brother Bek in Patch Run (a Southland town), but instead found Bek's son Pen Ohmsford. Then Tagwen joined up with Pen and fled from the Druid Terek Molt in Pen's small airship. After a confrontation with the King of the Silver River, Tagwen and Pen met up with Ahren Elessedil and Ahren's niece Khyber in the Elven village of Emberen in the Westland. Tagwen travelled with this new group on a new airship under the command of the Rover Gar Hatch into the Northland.

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