Kirisin Belloruus is a character in the Genesis of Shannara trilogy. He is a member of the Chosen and also the nephew of Arissen Belloruus, King of the Elves. He is charged by the Ellcrys herself to use the Elfstones to find the Loden and use it to transport her to the safety of a new home.


Kirisin and his cousin Erisha Belloruus are both Chosen. When he reveals that the Ellcrys has communicated with him and has told him to seek out the Elfstones and the Loden, he is surprised to receive resistance to the idea from both Erisha and her father, and further shocked when he realizes that they had both done nothing even though the Ellcrys had already spoken to Erisha before seeking his help.

Kirisin succeeds in finding the Loden and removing the Elves from the Cintra. He joins the caravan of Hawk, a gypsy morph, who ultimately leads those who wish to survive the Great Wars to a safe, sheltered valley located in the mountains several weeks journey on foot east of Spokane. Once there, Kirisin uses the Loden and releases Arborlon onto a forested bluff, freeing the Elves once more.

Hawk uses the last of his power to encircle and protect the valley and the people he had led into it in a magical wall of mists. After the final nuclear missiles are launched and the landscape of the Earth undergoes tremendous upheavals, changing into what would become the Four Lands, Arborlon and the rest of the valley's communities remain intact and protected.


Apart from a brief, 100-year stint on the island of Morrowindl, Arborlon would thereafter remain in the place where Kirisin put it, even after the mists finally dissipated centuries later and the valley was once again connected to the outside world.

Physical Appearance

Kirisin is described as having a mop of blond hair, a slender build, and typically Elven features. He has a way of walking that suggests he could take flight at any moment. Facially, he resembles his cousin Erisha Belloruus, the King's daughter; however, Erisha's hair is brown.

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