Hearthstone was located in Darklin Reach. It was the home of Cogline and his adopted granddaughter Kimber Boh, and it remained the home of the Boh family for centuries, with its last resident being Walker Boh.

Hearthstone was one of the few buildings to exist in Darklin Reach and was distinguishable by a unique formation at the top that looked like a stone chimney.

The area around Hearthstone was said to be surprisingly empty of dangers, apart from the Spider Gnomes who conducted their business nearby. The main reasons for this appeared to be Hearthstone's isolated location and Cogline's moor cat Whisper, who could blend himself in with the environment and was a rather versatile hunter. In the time of Walker Boh, Walker's magic kept Hearthstone and the area around it relatively untouched from the sickening of the land that the Shadowen were causing.

Hearthstone was destroyed when Rimmer Dall, First Seeker of the Federation, came to the home with a troop of Shadowen with the intent of killing Walker Boh. Cogline and Rumor confronted Dall to protect Walker, who was gravely ill from the poison of the Asphinx. In their fight against the Seeker, Cogline and Rumor were transported to Paranor for protection by a volume of the Druid Histories, which created a massive explosion that destroyed Hearthstone and forced Dall and his surviving Shadowen to retreat. Walker managed to escape the burning building through a secret passageway and was only saved when he was found by Quickening and her company on their way to Eldwist.

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