The Great Wars were a series of conflicts that occurred during the time of the Old World. They were initially confined to small areas and only affected small groups of people. However, they soon began to occur more frequently and grew in scope.  More and more countries would get involved in these wars, until it finally reached a flash point. Doomsday weapons - never intended to be used on a massive scale - were unleashed upon the world. Explosive devices of incredible power wiped out entire regions in a series of unimaginable firestorms. Artificial plagues were unleashed on whole populations that rotted them from the inside out. Though the Great Wars lasted only a few moments, the results were catastrophic - the eradication of thousands of years of advanced civilization and the extermination of most of life on the planet.  As if the destructive energy that was released by man during these final moments was not enough, the earth itself trembled in response to the damage inflicted on itself. A violent cataclysm erupted in earthquakes and volcanoes, changing the shape of the land. Floods battered shores, swallowing whole communities. Mountain ranges sank, and the sea floor rose. Infernos raged in the forested wildlands. The skies darkened to blackness.

After the Great Wars, humans ceased to be the dominant race - mankind was almost destroyed. The last members of the human race fled south to survive. It was nearly a thousand years before humans became more sophisticated than the animals they hunted. Later, humans discovered that there were other races inhabiting the world, such as Trolls, Gnomes, and Dwarfs.

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