Galaphile was an Elf and the person who brought together the most learned men and women of all the Races together after the Great Wars to create the first Druid Order at Paranor. As leader of the Druids, He was the first Ard Rhys.


The actual dates and circumstances of Galaphile's birth have been lost to history. Galaphile knew a great deal of knowledge from the Old World, and after the cataclysm caused by the Great Wars, Galaphile knew that the only way to bring the new Races together and lift them out of a near-primitive existence was to recruit the wisest of each Race to come together in an effort to gather and protect the remains of knowledge from the past and create solutions for the future.

In honor of an Old World term for learned men, Galaphile named these men and women Druids. They became known as the Druid Council, and Galaphile was named the first Ard Rhys. The Druids resided in Paranor, the Druids' Keep. Built to be both a revered cultural center and an impenetrable fortress, Paranor was the result of the work of craftsmen and scholars from all the Races, but its creation was Galaphile's inspiration.

This first Druid Council was responsible for creating what was for a time a durable, lasting peace in the Four Lands by dividing up the lands between the Races: the Elves controlled the Westland, the Trolls controlled the Northland, Dwarves and Gnomes controlled the Eastland, and the Race of Man controlled the Southland.

Galaphile recorded the history of the Elves before the Great Wars in the Druid Histories, including the secret of the Ellcrys. It is also believed that Galaphile created the Druid Well inside Paranor.

At the outbreak of the Second War of the Races, the shade of Galaphile showed Bremen four visions of what was needed to defeat the Warlock Lord.


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