The First War of the Races was the first attempt by the Warlock Lord, formerly known as the rebel Druid Brona, to achieve dominion over the Four Lands.

After years of growing his power, the Warlock Lord orchestrated a rebellion against the First Druid Council. Brona decided to use soldiers from the Race of Man to wage his war. Attacking out of the Southland at Brona's urging, the rebellion soon widened into what became known as the First War of the Races, with Man against all the races that were supported by the Druids—mainly the Elves and the Dwarves. Eventually, the combined power of the Druids and the other Races crushed the Race of Man, but the Warlock Lord escaped to recover and regroup, leaving Man to rebuild their shattered lives without assistance.


The First War of the Races caused a deep, longstanding distrust between Man and the other Races. Indirectly, the war also led to the isolationist policy of the Federation, the main government of the Southland where the Race of Man made their home.

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