Faeries refers to a race of very different beings who were dependent on the land and shaped by it. They used the land's magic and were capable of great things that proved later on to be fatal to their own existence. They precede humans and kept themselves hidden from them. After the humans grew in both technological power and strength the Faeries were pushed back and started to dwindle in numbers. After the humans brought about the great catastrophe, almost ending all life, most of the Faeries went extinct or exited from the mortal world. Only two branches exist: Elves and Demons (evil Faerie creatures). The Demons are locked behind the Forbidding and the Elves lost their magic after sealing themselves away from the impending disaster caused by the humans of the Old World. Only two Faerie lords survived and remained in the world with their magic intact and immensely formidable, one was the King of the Silver River, the other Uhl Belk, the Stone King. Uhl Belk was sealed away for all eternity in the book "The Druid of Shannara" in his own stone building, with new growth replacing the stone after the King of the Silver River's daughter's, Quickening, sacrifice.

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