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Ellenroh Elessedil is a character in The Elf Queen of Shannara. She was Queen of the Elves and the last ruler of the Elves during the time period that they resided on the island of Morrowindl.



Three generations before Ellenroh's birth, three descendants of Jair Ohmsford left Shady Vale for the Westland to live amongst the Elves in Arborlon. When the Elves left the Four Lands for Morrowindl, one of the Ohmsfords, a woman, decided to stay in Arborlon and leave with the Elves instead of returning to the Vale.

That woman's granddaughter would become the wife of Ellenroh's father, who was an Elessedil and King of the Elves. This made Ellenroh and her younger brother Asheron the first generation of the House of Elessedil to have Ohmsford/Shannara blood, and the first generation to have some blood from the Race of Man, as the Elven blood had been bred out of the Ohmsford line by the time of the three Ohmsfords' migration to the Westland.

In the time of Ellenroh's father, the demons of Morrowindl first came into being. The Keel, a magical wall that protected Arborlon, was built at that time to keep the city safe. Ellenroh's father used the Loden to imbue the otherwise normal stone wall with protective magic.

Asheron, although younger than Ellenroh, was chosen to be the next King. However, he was one of the first to be killed by the demons, and Ellenroh became Queen. Ellenroh's husband also was killed by the demons.

Eowen's Prophecy

Ellenroh was childhood friends with Eowen Cerise, well before either of them knew of Eowen's powers as a seer. They were there for each other through all the stages of their lives: girlhood, first loves, marriage to their husbands, motherhood, and widowhood.

When Ellenroh's daughter Alleyne Elessedil became pregnant, Eowen prophesied that both Alleyne and the baby would die if they did not leave Arborlon and Morrowindl before the baby was born. She further foresaw that Alleyne could never return to Arborlon, but that if the baby survived she would one day come back to save the Elves.

Because Eowen's visions had never been wrong, Ellenroh immediately told Alleyne of the prophecy, and despite not wishing to be parted from her family and her home Alleyne left Morrowindl with her Wing Rider husband, giving birth to her daughter Wren in the Four Lands.

Knowing from the prophecy that Wren would one day return to Arborlon and knowing the dangers that existed on Morrowindl, Alleyne wanted to make sure Wren would be raised and trained by someone who would teach her to be strong and to withstand and survive any threat. Alleyne was also determined to return to Arborlon with her husband in spite of Eowen's prophecy, and she did not want to risk Wren's life in the attempt.

A few years after Wren's birth, arrangements were made to leave her in the care of the Rover Garth. Alleyne and her husband then attempted to fly back to Arborlon. By that point, Morrowindl was swarming with demons and the couple's Roc was taken down by a missile. The pair were killed just short of the city gates. Eowen knew Alleyne would attempt a return and that it would fail. She never told Ellenroh about this part of her vision, though she suspected Ellenroh knew.

Almost twenty years after Alleyne's death, Wren and Garth find Arborlon and are brought into the city by Aurin Striate, the Queen's eyes and ears outside the city who is also known as The Owl for his ability to see at night. Ellenroh is overjoyed that her granddaughter has returned, and she tells Wren all about her mother, and the fact that the Elessedils are now also Ohmsfords. However, she refuses to tell Wren how the Elves' use of the magic brought demons to Morrowindl despite Wren's repeated questioning, and she forbids those around her from telling Wren as well.

Shortly after Wren arrives in Arborlon, the demons attack the city and a serious breach in the Keel is created. A battle begins, and many soldiers start getting killed, including Phaeton, the second-in-command of the Elven army. Ellenroh arrives with the Loden and the Ruhk Staff and uses the magic to knit the Keel back together.

Journey Out of Morrowindl

Together, Wren's arrival in accordance with Eowen's prophecy and Ellenroh's use of the Loden for the first time since the magical fortification of the Keel by her father give the Queen the opportunity she has been waiting for to convince the High Council that the Elves must leave Morrowindl and return to the Westland by way of the Loden. Although her nephew Gavilan Elessedil, Commander Barsimmon Oridio, and First Minister Eton Shart are initially skeptical, she manages to convince her High Council into supporting the plan. It is a testament not only to the desperate nature of the Elves' situation but also to the massive confidence they have in their Queen that there is no opposition to the Queen's plan among the public once they are made aware of it.

After Ellenroh encloses the Elves and Arborlon in the Loden for safekeeping, it is tasked to her, Wren, Eowen, and six men to transport the Elves out of Morrowindl and back to the Westland. The company of nine is soon reduced to seven after the deaths of The Owl and Cort, a member of the Home Guard, and they are further demoralized when Ellenroh comes down with a vicious fever that quickly drains her energy. Ellenroh soon dies of the fever, handing the Loden and the Ruhk Staff to Wren and proclaiming her as the new Queen just before she dies.

With Ellenroh's death, Eowen Cerise is left broken and devastated, in part because she had long ago had a vision that when Ellenroh died, she would die shortly afterward. However, her close friend's passing releases her from the obligation to be silent about the origins of Morrowindl's demons, and she explains to Wren the history of Morrowindl:

The Elves had moved out of the Four Lands and to the gorgeous island paradise in Morrowindl, and there they had begun experimenting with the old earth magic that Elves had once used during the Age of Faerie. Soon, the Elves began manipulating life forms and creating new species. While the first few experiments with the magic were modest and had benign results, such as with the Splinterscats, attempts to create clones of the Elves themselves to patrol and protect the island from outside threats backfired spectacularly.

The cloned Elves began changing, becoming corrupted and killing things indiscriminately across the island. They began craving the very magic they were formed out of, and they began killing the other creatures of magic made by the Elves. They also began siphoning magic from the island itself, which irreversibly altered the island from a vibrant, living paradise into a variety of deadly, hellish landscapes.

As Queen, Ellenroh went out into battle with the Elven army on repeated occasions to defeat these demons, but their creations were so strong that they could not defeat them, and because the demons had siphoned away all of the island's innate magic there was none left for the Elves to tap into. While they had the magic of the Loden, they could not afford to expend it on anything other than maintaining the Keel. Eventually, Ellenroh had to call all the remaining Elves living outside Arborlon into the city proper, where they could be protected behind the Keel.

After the demons had taken over almost all of Morrowindl and it became clear that the Elves had been made prisoners of their own choices, Ellenroh rooted out those who still sought to harness the magic, including some who were the demons' original creators. Ellenroh had them thrown from the walls of the city, not for their past actions but because they were attempting to become creatures of magic themselves:

Eowen then reveals that the Elves didn't just leave the sickness in the Four Lands only to create an even greater sickness on Morrowindl; they also were the ones who created the sickness in the Four Lands to begin with. The very earth magic the Elves were experimenting with on Morrowindl and which led to the appearance of demons was exactly the type of magic that turned experimenting Elves into the very first Shadowen. This was the magic that those Elves whom Ellenroh ordered to be thrown from the walls were trying to rediscover.

Wren is shocked by the news that the Elves, as the traditional caretakers of the land, could have so utterly ruined Morrowindl and also birthed the Shadowen into the Four Lands. Despite Wren's feelings, Eowen pleads with her to forgive Ellenroh for not being truthful with her, and to forgive the Elves.

By the time Wren makes it to the shores of Morrowindl with the Loden and the Ruhk Staff, the only surviving member of the original party of nine is Triss, Captain of the Home Guard, and Wren has been left traumatized, grieving, and at the point of collapse. With the help of Tiger Ty and his Roc, Spirit, Wren is carried off the island along with Triss, Stresa, and Faun.

Armed with the knowledge given to her by Eowen, Wren decides that the Elves must be given another chance, that they should be the ones to make things right and heal the Four Lands, and that if they are returned to their homeland they will be returned on her own terms. Back in the Westland, Wren restores Arborlon to its rightful place in and is proclaimed Queen of the Elves.


Although Ellenroh does not live to escape Morrowindl, it is due in large part to Ellenroh's own conviction that the Elves must leave Morrowindl that her people are restored to the safety of the Four Lands. As Queen, Ellenroh's granddaughter Wren renews the Elves' commitment to their traditional stewardship of the land and its well-being. She also creates an alliance between the Land Elves and Sky Elves. She would eventually become known as one of the greatest rulers of the Elven people. Centuries after Wren's death, her bloodline would produce such heroic Elves as the Druids Ahren Elessedil, Khyber Elessedil, and Aphenglow Elessedil, as well as Arlingfant Elessedil, a member of the Chosen.

Physical Appearance

Ellenroh is described as being tall and long-limbed, with long, curling flaxen hair and deep blue eyes. She has a thin, wide mouth and her skin is smooth and unlined, making her look much younger than a typical woman who has an adult grandchild. Wren's first impression of Ellenroh is that apart from the length of her hair and the color of her eyes, Ellenroh seems to be exactly what Wren would look like once she gets to that age.


  • An Airship is named after the Elf Queen.