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"Druid" is the first episode of the second season of The Shannara Chronicles, and the eleventh episode of the series overall.


Eretria is living in the ruins of San Francisco, scavenging Old World technology for Cogline with her girlfriend, Lyria, and wondering why Wil and Amberle have not come looking for her. Wil is working in Storlock, training to become a Healer, when the mysterious Mareth arrives, seeking treatment for a burned hand.

Ander Elessedil is struggling to help the Elves rebuild their lives after the battle against the Dagda Mor and his Demons. Bandon has taken refuge in Skull Mountain, where he plans to resurrect the Warlock Lord. Allanon endeavors to stop him. Riga goes hunting for Wil in Shady Vale.


The episode unfolds with the aftermath of the last episode — Eretria, captured by the Trolls as Wil Ohmsford and Amberle Elessedil managed to escape, leaving her there in Safehold. As the leader of the Trolls removes his mask, Eretria gasps with recognition of a familiar face revealed to be Cogline, who knew Eretria as a child and promised her mother he would always protect her. The group turns out to be men disguised as Trolls, with Cogline as their leader. He asks her to join him and his group, but Eretria is hesitant upon this offer as she claims her friends, Wil and Amberle, will come for her. However, his offer still stands, as he invites her to make a home with his people until they do find her. After a moment of hesitation, Eretria joins the rest as they make their way through the cave.

One Year Later

Eretria insists that Wil and Amberle will come for her, all the while not knowing about Amberle’s arboreal fate. But when they never arrive, she settles in with the humans. Lyria and Eretria are out on a job together scavenging items for Cogline when they are found and chased after by Trolls. As the rest have ridden away on their horses, Eretria takes it upon her to get rid of the Trolls. Weaving through the forest on foot, she manages to kill two of the Trolls and leads one of her pursuers out to the ruins of the Golden Gate Bridge, where she lures him into a booby-trapped car placed at the edge of a gaping hole in the bridge, making him fall down the hole of the bridge, plunging into the water. However, her victory is short-lived as a second Troll, unbeknownst to her, barrels into her knocking them both down the hole into the water. While under the waters of the bay, an ethereal vision of Amberle appears in a white dress, who warns her of a new darkness coming and that the fate of the world depends upon her finding Wil.

Eretria wakes up in one of San Francisco's old buildings, where she is being tended to by Lyria. Lyria says that she doesn't know how Eretria survived her fall off the bridge, but says that Eretria kept saying "Amberle" while she was unconscious. Eretria goes to speak to Cogline, who urges her to let go of Wil and Amberle. It becomes clear that Eretria does not know that Amberle has become the Ellcrys and that she believes that Wil and Amberle are living happily in Arborlon.

At a hospital in Storlock, a patient, Mareth, arrives seeking treatment for a burned hand. Wil, now training to be a healer, comes in to tend to the patient. Prying, she asks Wil why he was accepted into Storlock when all their Healers are Gnomes, to which he replies that they only made one exception. As Wil begins examining her, Mareth claims that she tripped and fell into the campfire, thus getting her hand burned. He then gives her a salve to apply daily that will minimize the scar. As Wil turns to leave, Mareth tells him he looks familiar, but he declines to give her his name, indicating some caution on his part. After Wil has left, Mareth uses magic to heal the burn.

In Arborlon, Catania, Ander, Edain and Slanter tend to the Elves at an encampment. A year after the demon wars, too many elves are still homeless because there isn’t enough money or Elf-power to rebuild, the Elven treasury is too low to rehouse Elves and rehabilitate Elven communities after the battle against the demons. More still, the other races are disinclined to help, most of them would rather see the Elves choke off than help.

Even more pressing matters, an extremist Elf group called The Crimson, led by General Riga, is ripping through the countryside, killing anyone who practices magic or refuses to report on magical citizens. Catania finds magic users killed and strung up against trees, with the mark of the Crimson stamped into their foreheads. She shows Ander the bodies, and the King vows to find Riga, the leader of the Crimson, and hold him accountable. Edain and Catania warn him, pointing out that Riga's beliefs about magic users are shared by many and is being used to turn Ander's subjects against him.

In Skull Mountain, Bandon and his followers are at an altar preparing for the resurrection of the Warlock Lord. Bandon tells his followers they will be reborn as Mord Wraiths, and chooses one of his followers to lead the others by imbuing him with "the mark of the snake." Bandon plunges the Warlock Sword into the base of the altar, as a panel on the casket opens to reveal a preserved heart. With the heart raised up high, he calls for the Warlock Lord’s return to bring war, chaos, death, and torment to nonbelievers. The heart of the Warlock Lord starts to beat again, blood pouring forth onto the casket. Allanon suddenly bursts in and tries to stop the ritual. Bandon accuses his former mentor of using Wil and Amberle before the two of them engage in battle. As they fight, Bandon orders his followers to drink the blood on the altar. Doing so transforms them into Mord Wraiths. The lead Mord Wraith fires his magic into Allanon, sending the Druid crashing out through a window.

Bandon receives visions from the Warlock Sword in which he sees the skull of the Warlock Lord. The visions tell him that Wil is the key to resurrecting the Warlock Lord. He sends his Mord Wraiths away to look for Wil, and they fly out the broken window on the hunt. Allanon, who is outside clinging to the steep rock face, sees the Wraiths flying away.

While seeking information about Wil Ohmsford, Riga and the Crimson learn that Flick Ohmsford lives in Shady Vale. They make plans to gain Wil's location from the villagers, through force if necessary.

Later, Wil is asked to make the first cut in a surgery on an Elf during a training session. While holding the scalpel he has a vision of Amberle and freezes, causing a Stor elder to order him to stop and step outside.

Outside, the elder tells Wil that although he is compassionate and hard-working, healing may not be his calling. He asks why Wil wasn't to heal when he has the gift of magic that can save the entire world, but Wil counters by saying that he has no interest in saving the world, just in saving the people whom he cares about. Wil begs to be given a last chance to remain at Storlock, pointing out that Slanter had put in special effort to secure him a place there. The elder relents, but reveals that it was Allanon, not Slanter, who helped Wil get accepted into Storlock.

Back in his quarters, Wil uses the Elfstones to conjure a vision of Amberle. He tells the vision, "I'm lost without you," but it disappears almost immediately, causing him to break down.

Back in the ruins of San Francisco, Lyria asks Eretria about Amberle and Wil. She asks if Amberle was her lover, which Eretria denies. When Lyria asks if Eretria loves Wil, Eretria says that she doesn't anymore, and says that it's Lyria who has her heart now. She says that she hopes Lyria will open up to her more instead of being so mysterious about herself.

This prompts Lyria to reveal a secret: Cogline has been lying to Eretria. According to Lyria, Cogline told everyone in his group except for Eretria that people may be looking for her, and he ordered his people to prevent anyone from ever finding Eretria.

Some time later, some people came to Cogline and said that "the Eretria problem" had been taken care of. Lyria, who witnessed this, said they gave Cogline an item as proof that the problem had been taken care of, and that although she didn't see what that item was, Cogline must still be holding onto it.

Lyria and Eretria go search Cogline’s belongings, and eventually Eretria finds Wil's stone pendant. They are caught by Cogline, who reveals to Eretria that Wil searched for her for months and that he prevented Wil from finding Eretria because a scion of Shannara would only end up hurting her. He points out that he had promised Eretria's mother that he would guard her with his life, but Eretria counters by saying that wasn't his choice to make.

Eretria and Lyria leave Cogline and his people and head out to Arborlon. They are caught by Rovers while traversing Rover territory.

Mareth comes up to Wil in a bar in Storlock and tells him that there's a bounty out for Wil's life. Wil whips out a knife and holds it against Mareth, saying that he had been fooled by dangerous women before and would not be fooled again. However, Mareth insists that she's not a bounty hunter, and that the only way she was even able to get into the bar to see Wil was because she killed one of the three bounty hunters who were already at the bar trying to get to Wil.

Wil and Mareth try to leave the bar, acting casually and pretending to be a drunk pair of stranger looking to get off with each other for the night, but they are stopped by the two remaining bounty hunters, a man and a woman. Mareth and Wil engage them in combat, and while Mareth is able to overpower the woman fairly quickly, Wil slowly gets beaten back by the man. Wil is about to be stabbed when Mareth stabs the bounty hunter in the back, saving Wil. However, Wil did sustain a nasty cut on his torso, and they head back to his quarters.

Wil thanks Mareth for her help, to which she responds that she fully intends to collect payment on the favor later. She tries to hail the Stors so they can see to Wil's wound, but he stops her, pointing out that being in a drunken bar fight could jeopardize his chance to stay with the Stors. Instead, he uses the Elfstones to heal his wound.

Wil wakes up the next day to find that his home village of Shady Vale was attacked, and that villagers from the Vale are streaming into Storlock for medical help.

Wil searches amongst the Vale people for his uncle Flick, but does not find him. He does run into Dax, who says that he told to Flick to hide and that the Crimson is looking for Wil.

Back in Wil's quarters, the lead Mord Wraith appears and blasts Wil with magic, catapulting him out the window of his quarters. Wil is shocked when a very accurate illusion of his own self appears and lures the Mord Wraith away.

Mareth appears, clearly having been the one to have conjured the illusion. She tells Wil to flee, but Wil stops her, demanding to know what she wants from him. Mareth says that she wants Wil's help in finding Allanon, because he's her father.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Episode Cast

  • Glen Levy as Slanter
  • Erroll Shand as Valcaa
  • Calvin Tuteao as Elder Stor
  • Matthew Arbuckle as Edain
  • Grae Burton as Brahms
  • John Leigh as Dax
  • Ashlee Fidow as Elven Woman Bounty Hunter
  • Andrew Stehlin as Elven Man Bounty Hunter
  • Tawanda Manyimo as Farmer
  • Ben Fransham as Red Wraith