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"Crimson" is the sixth episode of Season 2 of The Shannara Chronicles, and the sixteenth episode of the series overall.


Wil and Mareth search for the Warlock Lord's skull which Allanon has hidden in Shady Vale. Eretria explores her newfound power over darkness. Queen Tamlin sends Garet Jax after General Riga. Wil duels Bandon with unexpected results. Lyria and Ander Elessedil's wedding ceremony commences.


Wil and Mareth show Shea the portal they used to come to Shady Vale and explain to Shea that he will become a hero when the Warlock Lord comes to take over the Four Lands. Shea argues that he’s not a hero, but Wil reminds him of when he saved a rabbit from a trap even though his family was desperate for food. Shea protests, saying that he never told anybody that story, to which Wil says, “Not yet, you haven’t.”

Wil brings Shea back the grotto to hide him from the Mord Wraiths and asks if he has seen the skull. However, Shea isn't interested and wants to leave the grotto to attend the solstice festival, as he and Heady had been building a scarecrow together for a festival contest. Wil remembers seeing a scarecrow as a child and realizes this might be significant, but when Shea won’t stop talking about the scarecrow contest, Wil angrily revealed that Shea wins, and that Heady tells her father that she's in love with him. Wil adds that he knows this because he is Shea’s son, and that Shea is a descendant of Shannara.

With Shea safe in the grotto, Wil and Mareth go to find the scarecrow at the festival, but Wil doesn't see the one he remembers. They run into Heady, who asks if they've seen Shea as the contest judging is about to start. Wil asks where their scarecrow is, and Heady says that it's still out in the Ohmsfords' cornfield.

Tamlin is overseeing preparations for Ander and Lyria’s wedding when the pair come to her and request a brigade of Leah soldiers to pursue the Crimson. Tamlin is reluctant, noting that Lyria has seemed to have thrown in her lot in with Ander.

However, Tamlin’s guard then comes in and announces that the east wing of the palace was broken into by the Crimson, who took Valcaa away. Tamlin offers three brigades of Leah soldiers to Ander. The Elven King thanks her and leaves, and Tamlin summons her guard Grandal, ordering him to bring Garet Jax.

When Garet arrives, the Queen reveals that she wants General Riga taken out because he has "overreached" in his ambitions. Garet refuses, pointing out that he barely escaped Graymark once before, but he agrees to go after Riga when Tamlin says that Riga has asked her to meet him alone at a secret location.

Garet ambushes Riga in the woods, telling him that Tamlin’s done with him. However, Valcaa surprises the bounty hunter and the two men of the Crimson knock the bounty hunter out. Riga says Tamlin will pay for her betrayal and tells Valcaa to finish off Garet.

However, when Garet comes to, he manages to surprise Valcaa by fighting back even with both hands bound, using Valcaa’s knife to cut his bonds and ultimately killing the man.

Back in Paranor, Bandon tells Allanon that if they don't get out of their cage soon that they would both die. When Bandon comments that it is sad that the closest thing he had to a father is the Druid, Allanon responds that following the Warlock Lord will be a decision that Bandon will regret, since the Warlock Lord will betray him. He adds that since Bandon has not yet crossed over into darkness he can still be saved. However, Bandon is unmoved, noting that Allanon looks noticeably older and weaker and that he must be dying.

In the cornfield, Mareth checks the scarecrow but cannot find a skull within it. However, Wil remembers being told that the field was flooded when a dam broke a week after the solstice festival, becoming a lake. He realizes the skull must be buried under the scarecrow, and that the portal took them back in time because they wouldn't have been able to access the skull otherwise. Sure enough, Wil finds the skull after a bit of digging. He and Mareth go back to the grotto, but they find Shea missing. Mareth points out that Shea must have not been able to stay away from Heady and the festival.

Shea finds Heady at the festival and apologizes to her for breaking up with her, saying that the thought of losing her sent him over the edge. As Heady forgives him, Mord Wraiths appear and attack Shea, wounding him. Wil and Mareth arrive at the festival in time to see this happen, and Wil destroys the Wraiths with the Elfstones.

Wil, Mareth, and Heady take Shea back to the barn, where Wil heals him with the Elfstones. Heady tells Wil she’ll never forget what he's done for them and calls him a special person, causing Wil to reply that it's all down to his amazing mother, whom he thanks every day.

As Wil and Mareth get ready to leave, Shea asks what kind of father he will be. Wil lies, saying that Shea was the best father, causing Shea to comment that if he had a son like Wil it must be true. As Wil and Mareth leave, they see Allanon, riding into the Vale and asking a young Flick for directions to the Ohmsford farm.

Back in the present, Eretria returns to the old police station looking for Cogline, but he is not there. She decides to face the captive Mord Wraith again, and enters his cage. After staring down the Wraith, she sticks her hand in it, causing it to scream and disintegrate. As it disappears, her eyes turn black, and she has multiple visions: of a Red Wraith, an eclipse, the Warlock Lord's skull and heart, and of her own self with her eyes turned snake-like.

Garet walks in as the Wraith disappears, impressed by Eretria's power. He urges her tho accompany him back to Leah to warn Tamlin about Riga and the Crimson.

Back in Paranor, Wil urges Mareth to release Bandon from the magical cage to save Flick. Despite her misgivings and Allanon's protests, she does so. Bandon, now free, stands over a prone Flick with the Warlock Lord pointed over the Valeman's chest. He demands that Wil hand over the skull before he heals Flick, while Wil demands that Bandon heal Flick before he gives up the skull. The two are at an impasse.

Flick, gasping and near death due to the effects of Bandon's poison, declares his love for Wil and reaches up and pulls the Warlock Sword down into his chest, killing himself. Wil is distraught and furious, and pulls out his sword, vowing that he will make Bandon pay. Bandon realizes that Wil has the Sword of Shannara.

As the two fight, the Sword gives Wil visions of a corrupted, dark Allanon, a bloodied, screaming Mareth, and a snaked-eyed Eretria. He is startled and loses focus, and Bandon takes the opportunity to kick the skull out of Wil's hand and knock Wil to the ground with his magic. However, Mareth quickly makes an illusion of hundreds of skulls on the ground, confusing Bandon.

Bandon is impressed and urges Mareth to join him, saying that the Warlock Lord could help her control her magic and make it stronger, but Mareth refuses. Wil gets back up and fights Bandon once more, hacking away ferociously, but the Sword of Shannara shatters under the force of one of his strokes and he is falls to the ground again.

Bandon again urges Mareth to join him, but in response she calls Allanon forth from the prison, angering Bandon, who knocks her back. Her illusion disappears and Bandon is able to pinpoint the skull. As Allanon calls forth his sword and runs to him, Bandon goes for the skull and grabs it. Allanon reaches him and they battle, and Bandon manages to wound Allanon's arm before running out of Paranor.

As they bury Flick under a cairn, Allanon and Mareth console a grieving Wil and tell him that Flick knew what he was doing, and that he chose to die since he didn’t want Wil to shoulder the burden. Allanon adds that they need to talk about the visions Wil had while fighting Bandon, as what Wil saw will affect everyone. However, Allanon collapses as he's speaking, and Wil and Mareth realize the Druid was cut by the Warlock Sword.

In Leah, the wedding ceremony between King Ander and Princess Lyria begins in the courtyard of the palace. As the proceedings start, a hooded and robed minister walks into the courtyard. He removes the hood, revealing himself to be General Riga, and Crimson soldiers start flooding into the courtyard.

As the Leah guards fight the Crimson soldiers, Ander fights Riga, sword to sword, aided by Slanter and Lyria, as well as Garet Jax and Eretria, who had just returned. However, despite his best efforts, Ander is knocked back by Riga. He manages to save Lyria by blocking Riga's sword with his own, but the Crimson leader then runs him through the chest with his sword, causing Ander to fall lifeless to the ground, the crown of the Elessedils tumbling off his head.