"Chosen" is the two-part series premiere of The Shannara Chronicles.


Thousands of years after the fall of humankind as we know it, the Four Lands are in grave danger. The fate of the world rests on the shoulders of an unlikely trio: an Elven princess, a Rover, and a half-Man/half-Elf.


Amberle Elessedil, Princess of the Elves, decides to run the Gauntlet, the race that will determine who qualifies to be among the Chosen. The Chosen are a select group of Elves bound to serve the Ellcrys, the great tree that protects the world by locking away the Demons in another dimension called the Forbidding. Although women have never run the Gauntlet, Amberle breaks that tradition and becomes one of the first seven to cross the finish line with a little help from the Ellcrys herself, who calls out to her.

At the ceremony, the seven new Chosen are called forth to touch the tree. However, when the princess touches the tree she is bombarded by disturbing images, visions of the end of the world and the collapse of the Forbidding, and a vision of her boyfriend Lorin dying by her hands. Frightened by the visions, Amberle flees Arborlon in the hope of preventing them from coming to pass.

Elsewhere the Druid Allanon awakens from the Druid sleep and goes in search of the descendants of Shannara. Already the Forbidding is weakening, enough for a Demon named the Dagda Mor to break free.

In Shady Vale, Wil Ohmsford witnesses the death of his mother Heady Ohmsford and inherits the Elfstones, which once belonged to his late father Shea Ohmsford. He leaves home over his uncle Flick's protests, determined to travel to Storlock to study with the renowned Gnome Healers there. He runs into a Rover girl called Eretria, who tricks him and robs him in his sleep. Allanon finds him and leads him on a search for Amberle and the Elfstones.

Wil and Allanon discover that the Chosen are the key to renewing the power of the Ellcrys. But the Dagda Mor sends the Changeling into Arborlon and it slaughters all the Chosen—all except Amberle, who had fled to escape the Ellcrys' visions. Wil and Allanon track her down to Wing Hove, where she is visiting her estranged aunt, Pyria Elessedil. There they are unexpectedly attacked by a Fury, which knocks down Allanon, kills Pyria, and goes after Wil and Amberle.


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