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"Changeling" is the fourth episode of The Shannara Chronicles.


While Amberle embarks on a deadly task to prove her worth to the Ellcrys, the Dagda Mor sends the Changeling, an ancient, shape-shifting Demon, to kill her and anyone in its way.


Inside the Ellcrys, Amberle is tested by the tree to make sure that she is worthy of carrying the seed to the Safehold. A test which she passes. As the group prepares for their journey, they come to realize that the shapeshifter or Changeling is still in their midst. Eretria sneaks into the palace in order to steal back the Elfstones for her father. She ends up sleeping with Wil and takes back the stones once he's asleep.

During Eretria's escape, the Changeling mimics her features and attempts to kill the princess. Bandon is revealed to be a seer after he tries to warn Amberle of the attempt on her life. The assassination fails and the real Eretria is placed under arrest. The group decides to use Eretria as a decoy in order to lure the Changeling into a trap. However it backfires once they deduce that the Changeling must be posing as a guard and therefore already knows of their plan.

The duo races to warn Amberle of this but arrive just as Allanon kills the Changeling. However when the guards attempt to burn the Changeling's body, the Demon comes back to life and slaughters the guards.


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