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The Blue Elfstones, commonly known as the Elfstones or Seeking Stones, are an Elven magic from the Age of Faerie. Like all Elfstones, they can be used as a weapon against creatures of magic, they draw their strength from their user, and they can only be used by those with sufficient Elven blood and those to whom they have been freely given. Different colors of Elfstones also have specific, additional uses: the blue Elfstones in particular can be used in finding a lost item, a way out of a forest, or anything else the user seeks.

History of Usage

During the Time of Allanon

The Elfstones were given to Shea Ohmsford by the Druid Allanon for guidance and protection when all else failed. They were meant as a last resort, for when the magic was activated beings of magical power could sense their use and location. Shea used them several times, though he lost them temporarily twice: once to a patrol of Gnomes and the thief Panamon Creel, and next to the Northland while he fled Skull Mountain, but he recovered them again both times. The Elfstones were later given to Shea's grandson Wil Ohmsford, who used them to aid the Chosen Amberle in the search for the Bloodfire. Wil succeeded, but the effect of his thin Elven blood resulted in Elfstone's magic becoming a part of him physically, and then getting inherited by his descendants.

Wil uses the Elfstones

Heritage of Shannara

After centuries, almost all the Elven blood was bred out of the Ohmsfords, making it impossible to use the Elfstones. At some point the Ohmsfords decided to return the stones to those who could use them, and eventually they passed to the Ellenroh Elessedil, the grandmother of Wren Elessedil. When Wren was to be left with the Ohmsfords, she was given the Elfstones, but they were disguised to look like painted rocks. She later discovered their nature while battling a Shadowen, and used the stones in the war against the evil creatures. The stones were later taken on an expedition to the land of Parkasia, where they remained for years until their recovery by Ahren Elessedil. They later passed to his niece, Khyber Elessedil and used in the quest to find Grianne Ohmsford.

Genesis of Shannara

Young Kirisin Belloruus was given the Blue Elfstones by the shade of the late Elven Queen, Pancea Rolt Gotrin. He was tasked by the shade to somehow persuade the Elves to use their lost magic again. Kirisin needed the Blue Elfstones to find the Loden Elfstone. The Loden turned out to be located inside an ice statue of a dragon, and to go inside the statue, Kirisin needed to have the Blue Elfstones to protect him.

Offensive Uses

When used as a weapon, the stones create a blue flame, whose form and strength is controlled by the wielder, and can instantly destroy all but the largest magical creatures and spells. Like most forms of magic, they exert a great toll on the wielder and when using them, the wielder must always be on guard against their destructive powers. Furthermore, against non magical foes (like soldiers or airships), they are nothing but a distracting light show with no tangible damage inflicted, as Ahren Elessedil discovered when attempting to use them versus a flock of quite normal Shrikes. One way that this may be circumvented is if the wielder uses the stones to attack a large group of magic and normal foes at once, the sheer strength of the elfstones may destroy the normal opponents as well. Also, if shielding spells are placed on something, like the Druid warship Galaphile, the Stones can be used against the guarding magic, as well as the protected artifact.

Changes Made for the TV Adaptation

  • In The Shannara Chronicles, Wil uses the Elfstones to conjure up an image of Amberle and to heal a wound he sustains at the hands of a Mord Wraith. In the novels, conjuring images and healing wounds are not things the Blue Elfstones can do.