Bennett Scott is a young girl and childhood friend of Nest Freemark. In Running with the Demon, she is a three year old child, who is saved by the then 14 year old Nest, when Feeders appear to force her drop from the cliffs in Sinnisippi Park. In Angel Fire East, she returns, almost broken, and seeking shelter with Nest, together with her own daughter. Nest is happy to take them in. At the same time, however, John Ross, and the Gypsy morph, appear, and are also taken in into Nest's house.

The demon Findo Gask and his underlings, sensing the weakness in Bennett, are seeking to hurt her, hoping that this will hurt Nest as well. Penny Dreadful, one of the minor demons, manages to seduce Bennett into taking drugs again. Realizing, that she has no real desire to stay clean, Bennett decides to leave alone, abandoning Harper, and leaving her with Nest. Being at her weakest, the demons bring her to the same cliff in Sinnissippi Park and kill her by pretending a vision of Harper in the mist, making her to step over the cliff.

She grew up, together with four siblings, as the daughter of Enid Scott. Apparently, none of the siblings shared a common father. In Running with the Demon, Enid is clearly a drunkard, and has a tendency to mate with unsuitable, abusive men, like George Paulsen, leaving the burden of caring for the children to Bennett's bother Jared. As of Angel Fire East, Bennett has adopted a lot of her mothers behaviour (except that she's abusing drugs, rather than alcohol) to the point, that she abandons her daughter Harper, leaving her with with Nest, so that she herself can continue using.

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