The party from the Chew Magna returns to Arborlon. They learned that Atylen had run off in search of the killers of his father. Jerle is in a depression having lost his best friend. Preia comes to Jerle and challenges him about his love for her. Vree comes to them both stating that he had a dream the night before where Jerle is made king and wields a sword of magic against the Warlock Lord.

Soon they learned of the death of Atylen, thus it was too Jerle's shoulder's to be King of the Elves. At Preia's suggestion, their married and adopted the two grandchildren of the Ballandarroh's as their own. He was happily supported by all. He put Preia on the High Council and made Vree First Minister. Then preparations for war began.

After many days, Bremen appeared to the new King with Urprox Screl's sword, which Jerle is expecting based on Vree's vision. Bremen tells Jerle that the weapon will use Truth against the Warlock Lord, and that he must use it against himself first and confront the Warlock Lord. Jerle is doubtful it the weapon's and his ability to do so.

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