Bandon bloodprofile
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  • Unknown
Physical description
  • Male
Hair color
  • Black
Eye color
  • Brown
Skin color
  • White
Family information
Magical characteristics
Active powers
  • Mind-reading
Basic powers
Magic items
  • Warlock Sword
  • His own visions
  • Seer
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Portrayed By
  • Marcus Vanco

Bandon is an original character created for The Shannara Chronicles. Formerly a seer under the tutelage of Allanon, the last of the Druids, he has turned away from his mentor and aims to resurrect the Warlock Lord.


Discovery and Training

Allanon, Wil Ohmsford, and Amberle Elessedil stopped at an abandoned home near Arborlon, finding Bandon chained and muzzled inside by his parents. Because he was kept hidden and locked away, he happened to avoid being killed by the Demons that killed his parents. Allanon warns Amberle that he cannot sense the boy's thoughts, meaning that Bandon is either actively hiding magic powers or possesses magic he is unaware of. Despite the warning Amberle insists that Bandon be taken to Arborlon where he can be cared for.

In Arborlon, Catania accidentally runs into Bandon, causing Bandon to have a vision of her death. Bandon manages to save Catania from being stabbed by the Changeling. After this incident, a romantic bond begins to form between the two Elves. It becomes clear that Bandon's power is the ability to see visions of death for those whom he touches, and it's implied that his parents had kept him chained up out of a fear of his magic.

Allanon soon realizes Bandon is a seer due to his abilities and clarifies to Bandon that it isn't death he is always fated to see, but future possibilities. He insists that Bandon's ability is a gift, and he begins training Bandon to hone his potentially immense powers. However, the Dagda Mor takes notice and seizes Bandon's mind, locking it away from Allanon's reach and incapacitating the boy.

Eventually, during a confrontation between the Dagda Mor, Arion Elessedil, and Ander Elessedil, Allanon manages to free Bandon from the mental imprisonment. He tells Bandon that he wants to train him to become the next Druid, the same way he was trained after his own parents abandoned him. Bandon refuses, but Allanon insists that under the current Demon onslaught, he doesn't have that choice anymore.

As Allanon begins teaching Bandon to harness his magic properly, Bandon becomes resentful of the Druid's harsh training and preoccupied with the feeling that he is only being valued for and defined by his magic. It soon becomes apparent that the Dagda Mor's hold on Bandon's mind has not been completely undone. When Bandon and Catania are alone together, he confesses to her that he still feels the Dagda Mor's presence, and Catania encourages him to fight it. They kiss, but as their intimacy begins to increase Bandon gets a vision from the Dadga Mor and ends up trying to strangle Catania. She manages to get away, and Allanon decides to hide her from Bandon for her own safety.

Allanon confronts Bandon and tells him he will have to let go of Catania for her own good. Bandon refuses to accept the idea and lashes out with his increasingly powerful magic, catching the Druid unawares. Allanon quickly recovers, and manages to knock Bandon unconscious.

Later, Catania visits Bandon and brings him food to his prison cell in Arborlon. He convinces her to help him deceive a guard into unlocking his shackles, but after he is freed he flies into a rage when the guard manhandles Catania. To Catania's horror he doesn't just incapacitate the guard; he brutally beats him to death. Bandon flees and Catania is left to explain to Allanon what happened. She tells Allanon that she had dreamed of Bandon alone, surrounded by a sea of black. Catania and Allanon commiserate with each other, each declaring that they have failed Bandon.

Bandon is later seen carrying the Warlock Sword, standing at the magical henge where the Dagda Mor had once imprisoned his mind. When he pulls back his hood, his eyes are revealed to have changed to a solid black.

Resurrection of the Warlock Lord

A year after the Dagda Mor's death, Bandon is in Skull Mountain with a group of followers. He continues to be under the influence of the Warlock Sword, and he says the Warlock Lord calls to him. He announces that his followers will be reborn as Mord Wraiths, and that one of them, in particular, will lead the others.

Bandon plunges the Sword into the base of the altar, causing the heart of the Warlock Lord to rise up and beat again. As blood pours out of the heart onto the altar, Allanon bursts in and tries to stop Bandon. As the two of them battle, Bandon orders his followers to drink the blood on the altar. They do so and transform into Mord Wraiths. The lead Mord Wraith fires his magic at Allanon, sending him crashing through a window and down the mountain.

Bandon then receives visions from the Sword in which tell him that Wil is the key to resurrecting the Warlock Lord. He sends his Mord Wraiths away to look for Wil.

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